2XU T:O Triathlon Wetsuit SS10

The 2XU T:O triathlon wetsuit is full of amazing features and technology not usually found in a wetsuit at this price level. The wetsuit is constructed from Yamamoto neoprene which has SCS coating. This coating along with the seamless one piece construction reduces water resistance and drag resulting in a more efficient faster swim.

The triathlon wetsuit is constructed from a selection of panels, the separate panels work to their individual strengths depending on the body part. The underarm and shoulders require flexibility to ensure a thorough range of movement for a deep powerful swim stroke this is achieved with underarm panels made from neoprene and flexible inner lining materials with 520% elongation and seamless shoulder panels made from buoyant and flexible 2mm 39 cell Yamomoto neoprene.

The back panel of this wetsuit is exceptionally flexible due to a floating back panel which holds the zip; this ensures the zip moves with the body during swimming. The flexibility of the back panel works with the front floatation panel and the hyper flexible 2mm underarm panel to reduce restrictions to the breathing motion and supports expansion of the chest cavity.

Comfort is paramount in triathlon wetsuits and this is achieved with the single inner seam construction reducing the potential for chaffing. The wetsuit has an adjustable fastening collar system so you can customise the fit to the individual to reduce chaffing and water intake. A quick transition phase can be achieved with the 3mm panel structure on the lower leg, adjustable leg length and a quick release leg cut.

All in all this is an incredible value triathlon wetsuit, great features at an amazing price backed with a 2 year warranty!

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