2XU Triathlon Wetsuits

2XU Triathlon Wetsuits

2XU Triathlon Wetsuits are very popular amongst pro athletes and amateurs alike. The company not only makes great triathlon wetsuits and equipment but also gear for a large number of other sports such as football, athletics, climbing, cricket and martial arts.

If you can compete in it there is a high chance 2XU will provide equipment for it. Due to the fact they operate in many different sports 2XU are able to share their technology breakthroughs amongst their various Research and Development teams to ensure no matter what your chosen discipline your equipment will always be the best the company has to offer.

One such athlete is triathlete Sebastian Kienle from Germany who is sponsored by 2XU and uses their gear when winning triathlons around the world. Winning Ironman 70.3 Wiesbaden in 2009 and came second in the 8 hour Challenge Roth triathlon in 2010 suggests he knows how to pick a triathlon wetsuit. Whilst he is not competing in triathlons Kienle is a keen Physics student.

2XU V2 Velocity Triathlon Wetsuit

2XU have a good range of triathlon wetsuits for men and women. Their entry level suit is the 2XU C:2 Triathlon Wetsuit which comes in both men’s and women’s varieties. It has the maximum allowed level of thickness at 5 mm which gives you a good amount of buoyancy which reduces water resistance giving you an improvement in speed. The zip on the 2XU C:2 wetsuit is hidden at the back under a panel and is made from a strong and durable material to prevent it from breaking, especially when you are taking it off in a hurry between stages.

The top end wetsuit from 2XU is the V:2 Velocity Wetsuit which is the 2011 version of the very popular V:1 wetsuit. This wetsuit also comes in both men’s and women’s versions and in a range of sizes. The V:2 suit is made from world leading neoprene from Japanese Yamamoto. The suit is very buoyant as it features a 39 cell front buoyancy panel and is also highly flexible. Due to this high degree of flexibility you will hardly notice you have the wetsuit on as your range of movement will barely be impeded at all. With its plain design the 2XU V:2 Velocity triathlon wetsuit lets its wearer’s performance do the talking rather than a colorful design.

An example of a mid-range suit from 2XU is their R:1 Race Wetsuit which again comes in men’s and women’s versions as well as a range of sizes. Featuring the most buoyant 39 cell neoprene on the market this wetsuit will reduce the amount of effort you need to spend moving through the water and staying afloat. This 2XU triathlon wetsuit has a low-key appearance and gets the job done without unnecessary fanfare or gimmicks.

Here is the range of triathlon wetsuits from 2XU:

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