Aqua Sphere Ironman Speed Suit

Triathlon wetsuits that have been designed by triathletes take into consideration the exact needs of these athletes and how best a wetsuit can meet those requirements. Wetsuits that are well designed have considerable advantages to swimming without a suit. The Aqua Sphere Ironman Men’s Speed Suit is a feat of designing engineering in that it fits the body’s contours perfectly so that there is a superb combination of comfort as well as flexibility. The panels on the shoulders allow you free movement for the maximum stroke length and the best possible rotation of the shoulders.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from the best hydroform material which stretches yet fits perfectly to protect your muscles. This stretch-and-compress feature about this fabric is what helps to keep the muscles taut and fatigue-free. The fabric has a hydrophobic surface which keeps the water out and the wetsuit is really lightweight to ensure the least resistance and the best performance. Light, durable, water-resistant – in every way, these wetsuits give complete satisfaction to the athlete.

The triathlon wetsuit comes in a mesh storage bag and is available in men’s and women’s varieties and has a strong back zipper that makes slipping it on and off very quick and easy. Triathletes who have tried it say it is the fastest suit they have worn.

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