Blue Seventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

This is the new Blue Seventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit for the 2010/2011 Triathlon Season. It is available in both Men’s and Women’s versions.

Triathlon wetsuits are designed in order to give a swimmer all the comfort they want while increasing their performance and speed when they swim. The Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit is one such suit that gives the swimmer all these features and more at a reasonable price. The wetsuit is made of an advanced material composition that makes it as superior in quality as other wetsuits that cost a lot more.

These triathlon wetsuits are made with a special molecular air trapping neoprene rubber in the central panel of the suit that gives the suit more buoyancy. There is a special air-cell front panel that creates pockets of air in the suit without compromising on the buoyancy. Thermoregulation has been placed strategically in the suit, improving the swimmer’s body position. This helps in saving energy while swimming. There is also an ultra low friction coating throughout the suit, enhancing the hydrodynamics and making the swimmer move quicker.

These triathlon wetsuits have large arm gussets that stretch up to 250%, increasing flexibility to a great extent. These suits also have a perfect fit, making them one of the most reasonable suits available in the market today for the number of features they possess.

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now.

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