Blue Seventy Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit

This is a new triathlon wetsuit from Blue Seventy for the 2010/2011 triathlon season. Triathlon wetsuits are ideal for anyone who wants to swim, whether they are professionals or not. The Blue Seventy Sprint is one such wetsuit that is focused at new swimmers who want to get used to open water. Unlike many other triathlon wetsuits, this suit is not multi-purpose. Instead, it is designed specially for open water, giving the swimmer more buoyancy and comfort.

The triathlon wetsuits from Blueseventy come with a number of features, making the suit comfortable to wear and making sure that it allows the swimmer to achieve an excellent performance. The suit has dual zip flaps that prevent water from entering the suit while you swim while the streamline zip reduces dragging. The anatomical cut makes it easy to pull off the wetsuit. At the same time, the anatomical panel design lets you move freely in the suit without much restriction.

These triathlon wetsuits also have a low line collar that gives you maximum comfort. The wetsuit fits the body perfectly, making it good enough to compete with higher-range wetsuits. Along with this, a central buoyancy panel gives you a better body position in the water while the underarm gussets are large and stretchable, allowing you to move freely while you swim.

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