Blueseventy Axis Triathlon Wetsuit

Much of a triathlon wetsuit’s performance depends on the material that is used to make it. This wetsuit uses molecular neoprene which gives you far more buoyancy and performance than ever before. This variant of neoprene is superior to other types of neoprene and it is specially made to make body alignment better and to make you more buoyant.

This triathlon wetsuit has propulsion panels in the forearms so you can move much faster in the water. It also has flex reach panels so that you can be extremely flexible with maximum detachability from your body. The material at the neck is low friction so it makes for comfort and better movement to see well.

The basic thrust of this triathlon wetsuit design is buoyancy and the whole design concentrates mainly on that. Our bodies have a buoyancy zone in the chest area thanks to the lungs which are essentially air bags. This suit balances this buoyancy area with buoyancy areas in the suit at the hips, the thighs and the legs. Special attention is paid to the calves because most athletes have well developed muscles here so they need extra buoyancy in this area. By doing this, there is balanced buoyancy for the athlete.

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