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Sailfish Men’s Attack Triathlon Wetsuit

This triathlon wetsuit is made from the best inner and outer materials to make for one of the best wetsuits going. The areas around the arm and the shoulder have an Ultra-SoftStretch inner liner while the area around the legs and the torso has a SoftStretch inner liner. The outer material is made of SCS Nanoskin neoprene for the chest area while the area around the hips has SuperBalance hip panels. The GripTight3 collar makes sure that hardly any water enters from the neck and you are kept as dry as you can be inside the wetsuit.

The hip panels in this triathlon wetsuit enable the hips to roll easily and with a fluid motion while the ErgoFit cut design ensures the fit is perfect. The neoprene is a special variant that has more air bubbles in it so that the buoyancy is raised like never before. The stretch of the inner lining keeps you very flexible.

This triathlon wetsuit has glued blind stitched seams which make the wetsuit comfortable and makes sure it lasts long. The whole suit is designed to propel you through the water as fast as you can possibly go and towards this end, it ensures minimal friction and a great deal of buoyancy.

This triathlon wetsuit from Sailfish is available for both men and women:

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Sailfish Men’s Vibrant Triathlon Wetsuit

A triathlon wetsuit is a must for every professional swimmer. It is also necessary for those who want to take the water seriously and become good with their movement in the water. The Sailfish Men’s Vibrant Wetsuit is perfect for all these people, allowing each person to bring out their best while swimming. This wetsuit comes packed with a number of features which give you both comfort as well as help in your performance in the water.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from Longlife-Cell neoprene, a piece of technology made especially by sailfish wetsuits. It gives the wetsuit a 4-way stretch, keeping it flexible. This allows the suit to fit the athlete perfectly, making it feel like a second skin. Along with this, the Longlife coating prevents the suit from tearing due to any kind of sharp edges or tugs.

The triathlon wetsuit gives the swimmer superior buoyancy thanks to the Softskin inner liner which fits the person perfectly, making them feel comfortable while in the water. The GripTight3 collar gives a soft cut at the neck, preventing water from getting in. At the same time, the glued blind stitched seams give the wetsuit both durability and comfort. So you can be sure that you will be more than satisfied with the Sailfish Men’s Vibrant Wetsuit.

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Sailfish Ladies Vibrant Triathlon Wetsuit

The triathlon wetsuit brand – the Sailfish Ladies Vibrant Wetsuit comes with a number of features for comfort, durability and performance. This wetsuit comes with Longlife-Cell neoprene technology that has been designed by Sailfish wetsuits. It allows the wetsuit to stretch to a great extent and at the same time prevents it from tearing and getting ripped. It also gives it superior buoyancy that makes the wetsuit feel like a second skin on the swimmer’s body.

This triathlon wetsuit has a SoftSkin inner liner that keeps you comfortable and allows you to slip the wetsuit on and off with ease. It also cuts out extra transition time while swimming thanks to its quick release capabilities. The GripTight3 collar prevents water from getting in due to the soft neck closure in this wetsuit. The glued blind stitched seams make the suit both comfortable as well as durable.

The PowerSlide zipper in this triathlon wetsuit is hydrodynamically formed, while the buoyancy and flexibility of the wetsuit make it perfect for anyone who is a beginner right up to an advanced swimmer. This triathlon wetsuit is known to keep you comfortable and allow your body to breathe freely in the water along with giving you great movement and position while swimming.

The Sailfish Vibrant triathlon wetsuit is available for both men and women:

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Sailfish Ladies One Triathlon Wetsuit

A triathlon wetsuit has to fit perfectly and be comfortable for any competitive swimmer. The Sailfish Ladies One Wetsuit has been an award winning wetsuit for a number of years and is the perfect option for those who take their swimming seriously. It has a SCS Nanoskin neoprene which makes sure that your wetsuit has very low frictional resistance under the water. The inner liner is made of Ultra-SoftStretch material, making sure that the suit is very flexible, which in turn also makes sure that there is minimal water resistance. The SuperBalance hip panels help eliminate hip-rolling due to the strengthened neoprene that helps in giving you a balanced position.

This triathlon wetsuit comes packed with style and comfort. The ErgoFit cut design gives it a perfect fit while the GripTight3 collar has a soft neck closure that minimizes the entry of water into the suit. The glued blind stitched seams give both durability and comfort to the athlete.

Along with this, the triathlon wetsuit has enlarged AquaReach panels with a WaffleGrid design that helps the forearm during the underwater stroke. The PowerSlide zipper is hydrodynamically formed showing that every inch of the wetsuit is made to perfection. And having been voted the best of the best in ’07 and ’08, you can be sure that it will continue to deliver to those standards.

There is also a Sailfish Men’s One Triathlon Wetsuit.

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Sailfish Ladies G-Range Triathlon Wetsuit

A triathlon wetsuit for style and comfort, the Sailfish Ladies G-Range Wetsuit has been designed perfectly to give an athlete total comfort while in the water. It comes with a Nano SpaceCell neoprene coating which makes the suit have an almost-zero resistance in the water. The Avevia SuperDry inner liner does not absorb water and this makes the suit very dry and comfortable to wear. It also keeps the suit light, allowing the swimmer to be fast without being slowed down by the weight and wetness of the suit.

This triathlon wetsuit has an ErgoFit cut which gives the person who is wearing it a perfect fit. Entry of water in through your neck is also reduced due to the GripTight3 collar which has a soft neck closure. Glued blind stitched seams are also included, making your suit last longer and be more comfortable.

The SuperBalance hip panels in this triathlon wetsuit prevents hip-rolling by giving you a balanced position in the water. Now you also have better water resistance during the pull phase of your under-water stroke thanks to the new AquaReach panels that have been enlarged and have a WaffleGrid design. It all adds up to a triathlon wetsuit that has been perfectly designed for speed, comfort and buoyancy.

There is also a Men’s version of the Sailfish G-Range triathlon wetsuit.

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TYR Hurricane C1 Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits can provide the triathlete with a lot of advantages, the chief among them being saving energy and increasing speed. These modern wetsuits are built for comfort and speed which is why more and more people who take part in these events are using them. When it comes to the TYR Hurricane C1 Triathlon Male Wetsuit, there are a number of features that make it a great choice. The free ROM zones mean that the wearer gets a really long reach without any shoulder strain. This design has used the company’s extensive experience in this area to come up with a great triathlon wetsuit at a competitive price.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from laminated 100% sponge rubber nylon and it uses Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels which are the ultimate in lightweight fabrics so it reduces drag in the water. These panels are used throughout the chest, the whole leg and the core and this speed wrap panelling really does maximise the performance levels of the wearer.

The triathlon wetsuit is made for quick transition and the feature that helps this quick taking off and taking on is the quick release ankle cuffs. The legs are tapered so the ankle can reverse and open fast. The wrist cuffs are fitting so no water enters the suit and they stretch to allow more powerful strokes. This triathlon wetsuit design was arrived at after the company worked with Andy Potts for feedback. TYR then put together a wetsuit that maximised performance and minimised fatigue.

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Aqua Sphere Ironman Pursuit Competitor Series Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits were invented in 1987 and they were an improvement over the conventional wetsuits in that they facilitated speed, buoyancy and comfort. They are made of slick, lightweight materials with properties like stretching so that the athlete expends the least amount of energy for the best possible speed. The Sphere Ironman Pursuit Competitor Series Wetsuit 2010 is made in collaboration with Yamamoto SCS to ensure the best possible buoyancy together with the easy movement.

This triathlon wetsuit comes with much better Power-Zone™ traction technology where the forearms are concerned and it has a core body panel of 4mm Aqua-Drive™. The Aqua-Flex™ collar makes for the last word in comfort and the cuffs are made of Aqua-Grip™ leak resistant material. The wetsuit is provided with underarm Chafe-Guard for even more comfort. All in all, this wetsuit is made to give you comfort, warmth, flexibility and good buoyancy.

This triathlon wetsuit is excellent as an entry-level buy as it is available at a great price. It is also good for triathletes who are purely ‘weekend’ professional swimmers. The strong zipper at the back has a leash which makes it very easy to pull on and pull off so it’s a quick and easy transition. When you buy the Aqua Sphere Ironman Pursuit Competitor Series Wetsuit 2010, you also get a pair of Coral Red Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles absolutely free!

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Zone 3 Aspire Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits are a great improvement over the old wetsuits and they give the athlete a greater advantage over swimming without one. These wetsuits help to considerably reduce friction underwater and ensure you move much faster. The Zone 3 Men’s Aspire Wetsuit 2010 is a very comfortable wetsuit and it feels absolutely natural when worn. The thickness of the neoprene fabric that is used is balanced perfectly all over the body so you get a perfect combination of support for the muscles as well as buoyancy. The flexibility of the neoprene used in the shoulders and the arms means that you have a much greater degree of free movement and flexibility. The fabric has an SCS coating to ensure there is absolutely minimal drag in the water.

Triathlon wetsuits need to be built for speed and this one has spring loaded shoulders that conserve your energy while allowing you faster strokes. The Pro Speed™ leg and arm cuffs make sure the wetsuit rolls off the body as quickly and as smoothly as possible. There are athletes who feel that this is the fastest transition suit and the new design makes it even better that before. The panel design is better and the cuffs and zips have been improved for speed.

This triathlon wetsuit comes at a great price which also makes it a good entry-level suit for those who wish to upgrade to wetsuits.

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Quintana Roo Superfull Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits make the body more buoyant and facilitate better movement in the water. That’s why more and more triathletes are wearing these wetsuits. The Quintana Roo Superfull Men’s Wetsuit is probably the fastest wetsuit available today and it is also considered the best fitting. The 1.5mm and 2mm panels of Type 40 neoprene fabric used on the chest, side panels and the arms stretch more than any other fabric to allow comfortable chest expansion while breathing. The VPB or the virtual pull buoy which has been patented involves varying thicknesses of fabric around the thighs to ensure a greater rotation axis – so you swim much faster with much less effort. The silver forearm sharkskin panel improves the forearm plant as well as the pull through.

This triathlon wetsuit uses double wall seams at the sides and the sleeves so there’s less stress on them and high stress areas have stronger jersey material. Critical joints are made stronger with internal seam bolts. The gusset at the neck keeps the water out of the suit.

This triathlon wetsuit is for very fast transitions. The break away zipper and the QR or quick release ankle make for much faster removal of the wetsuit.

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Aqua Sphere Ironman Speed Suit

Triathlon wetsuits that have been designed by triathletes take into consideration the exact needs of these athletes and how best a wetsuit can meet those requirements. Wetsuits that are well designed have considerable advantages to swimming without a suit. The Aqua Sphere Ironman Men’s Speed Suit is a feat of designing engineering in that it fits the body’s contours perfectly so that there is a superb combination of comfort as well as flexibility. The panels on the shoulders allow you free movement for the maximum stroke length and the best possible rotation of the shoulders.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from the best hydroform material which stretches yet fits perfectly to protect your muscles. This stretch-and-compress feature about this fabric is what helps to keep the muscles taut and fatigue-free. The fabric has a hydrophobic surface which keeps the water out and the wetsuit is really lightweight to ensure the least resistance and the best performance. Light, durable, water-resistant – in every way, these wetsuits give complete satisfaction to the athlete.

The triathlon wetsuit comes in a mesh storage bag and is available in men’s and women’s varieties and has a strong back zipper that makes slipping it on and off very quick and easy. Triathletes who have tried it say it is the fastest suit they have worn.

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The Best Triathlon Wetsuits for Sale

Here are the best models on offer from the current season, at the lowest possible prices:

Triathlon Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to buy a Triathlon Wetsuit? Or simply want to understand how a wetsuit will help you? Then read our guide below on the benefits of owning a triathlon wetsuit.

Like the majority of sporting events, there is a real need for specialist gear, and triathlons are no exception. As a triathlete purchasing a purpose designed tri wetsuit will give you an advantage over fellow competitors. The major benefit of a triathlon wetsuit is its buoyancy properties.


The majority of specialist triathlon wetsuit brands achieve the desired buoyancy through a combination of thickness and rubber types. Rules and regulations limit wetsuit thickness to 5mm.

Most Triathlon wetsuit brands use 5mm rubber around the front torso and leg areas, this is because this is the heaviest area of your body. The thicker the rubber the greater the lift, which makes it easier to swim and stay in a streamlined position. In other words Triathlon wetsuits help to keep your body out of the water, making the swimming stage more efficient as you expend less energy.

Reduces Drag

The second advantage to owning a triathlon wetsuit is that it reduces drag in the water. The wetsuit material is aerodynamically designed; the rubber is slick and slippery creating less friction between you and the water, once again helping you preserve energy for the latter stages of the race.

Improves Swimming Technique

A triathlon wetsuit is also designed to improve swimming technique and form, especially useful for beginners. The wetsuit helps to support your body in a horizontal position. Head position is imperative as it controls your body shape in the water; good head position will result in good body position thus improving swimming form. Wearing a triathlon wetsuit eliminates your head from the equation meaning your body is kept at the optimal position.

Speeds up Transition

A specifically designed triathlon wetsuit will improve the speed of which you transition between stages compared to diving or surf specific wetsuits. This is because tri suits are designed to be easy to pull off once you’re out the water. They enable greater flexibility for improved dexterity and speed of movement.


A triathlon wetsuit will keep you warm in cold water swimming. There are, however, certain rules you must adhere to, if the water temperature isn’t cold enough some triathlon events will not allow wetsuits.


In conclusion, a great triathlon wetsuit will keep you from burning too much energy in the first leg of the race. It improves overall efficiency in the water allowing you to charge into the transition with plenty of power in the reserve tanks. If you want to improve your overall triathlon times then purchasing a specialist Triathlon wetsuit is good start, your swimming times will improve and will have a positive effect on the two other stages.

We hope you found this triathlon wetsuit guide useful and are able to choose the right tri suit for your needs.

Here are some essential accessories to help you make the most of your triathlon training and competitions:

2XU T:O Triathlon Wetsuit SS10

The 2XU T:O triathlon wetsuit is full of amazing features and technology not usually found in a wetsuit at this price level. The wetsuit is constructed from Yamamoto neoprene which has SCS coating. This coating along with the seamless one piece construction reduces water resistance and drag resulting in a more efficient faster swim.

The triathlon wetsuit is constructed from a selection of panels, the separate panels work to their individual strengths depending on the body part. The underarm and shoulders require flexibility to ensure a thorough range of movement for a deep powerful swim stroke this is achieved with underarm panels made from neoprene and flexible inner lining materials with 520% elongation and seamless shoulder panels made from buoyant and flexible 2mm 39 cell Yamomoto neoprene.

The back panel of this wetsuit is exceptionally flexible due to a floating back panel which holds the zip; this ensures the zip moves with the body during swimming. The flexibility of the back panel works with the front floatation panel and the hyper flexible 2mm underarm panel to reduce restrictions to the breathing motion and supports expansion of the chest cavity.

Comfort is paramount in triathlon wetsuits and this is achieved with the single inner seam construction reducing the potential for chaffing. The wetsuit has an adjustable fastening collar system so you can customise the fit to the individual to reduce chaffing and water intake. A quick transition phase can be achieved with the 3mm panel structure on the lower leg, adjustable leg length and a quick release leg cut.

All in all this is an incredible value triathlon wetsuit, great features at an amazing price backed with a 2 year warranty!

Aqua Sphere Ironman Icon Elite Series Triathlon Wetsuit

This Aqua Sphere Ironman Icon Elite Triathlon wetsuit is designed in conjunction with top triathletes such as former Ironman world champion Faris Al Sutan specifically for the elite athlete who needs a top of the range wetsuit with the essential high performance features such as flexibility, buoyancy and comfort.

The Icon triathlon wetsuit is made from the excellent Yamamoto SCS fabrics which are exceptionally flexible, lightweight and have low drag buoyancy; these ensure you are positioned correctly in the water and there are no restrictions from heavy tight fabrics which could hamper your performance.

The core of the triathlon wetsuit is a 5mm Aqua-Drive body panel; this increases buoyancy to help body position in the water. The forearms feature Power-Zone traction technology; these two important features increase your speed and energy efficiency and in turn boost your performance, making your swim more competitive.

For added comfort and ease of use this triathlon wetsuit has an Aqua-Flex collar, an underarm Chafe-Guard and Aqua-Grip leak resistant cuffs to prevent leaks and uncomfortable chaffing. The deep back pull zipper has a leash making transitions quick and easy.

The triathlon wetsuit also comes with an additional extra in the form of a protective carrying case/transition mat to keep your wetsuit protected.

Speedo STR Elite Triathlon Wetsuit

This Speedo STR Elite Triathlon Wetsuit is a high performance wetsuit, ideal for triathlons and open water swimming which has been designed with the professional athlete in mind. The features of this triathlon wetsuit focus on endurance and ensuring the swimmer can go longer without unnecessary restrictions such as resistance.

The triathlon wetsuit is made from resistance reducing and colourfast Super-Light Yamamoto 39 neoprene and is constructed using various panels. The lower arms have silicone aqua-touch panels which increase the potential thrust for each swim stroke and therefore improving your performance.

Buoyancy is increased by 30% due to the front of the torso Yamamoto SMS aerodrome neoprene panels and hip and leg buoyancy enhanced with the ergonomic panels. The super stretch panels are crucial for ultimate and unrestricted movement which is key to performance and swim stroke, due to this ease of movement the triathlon wetsuits increases energy efficiency in turn preventing muscle fatigue giving you a smooth swim no matter how long it is. One last important set of panels are the core oxygen panels these give flexibility around the lung expansion areas. As you can see these features will give you a competitive edge, just what the professional athlete needs!

Other additional features of this triathlon wetsuit include anti chaffing and an adjustable collar, both designed for comfort. This wetsuit comes in men’s and women’s versions.

Orca S3 Triathlon Wetsuit

If you are a triathlon and open water swimming beginner and aren’t quite ready for an expensive triathlon wetsuit or on a budget but still desire the high quality materials and features then this Orca S3 a new and improved version of the Orca S1 and S2 wetsuits may be for you! This wetsuit has all the buoyancy, flexibility and durability a beginner would need.

The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit is made from durable, flexible Smoothskin neoprene which provides the thermal protection and buoyancy required from a triathlon wetsuit and features 5mm HydroLift body panels on the front and back of the wetsuit to help find an optimum body position in the water, this is essential to your performance.

New additions to the Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit are the 2mm QuadStretch shoulder panels for a great motion range and the ability to find a deeper swim stroke without being restricted by heavy tight material and the HydroStroke forearm panel, which has a silicone print to increase the power during the catch phase of the swim stroke. The Flexiseal neck has also been modified and is now made from a comfortable neoprene. The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit has the slipstream zip and speed transition panels found in the Orca S2.

The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit comes in both men’s and women’s varieties.

Orca S2 Triathlon Wetsuit

Are you just starting out and venturing into the world of triathlons and open water swimming? You don’t want to splash out just yet on an expensive triathlon wetsuit nor do you want to skimp on the essential features such as durability, buoyancy and thermal protection, well we have the perfect triathlon wetsuit made with beginners in mind, the Orca S2, exclusive to The Orca S2 triathlon wetsuit is the newer more improved lighter and more flexible version of the extremely popular and successful Orca S1.

This triathlon wetsuit is full of excellent features, such features a few years ago were found in intermediate level triathlon wetsuits which shows just how high quality this wetsuit is.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from flexible Smoothskin, water resistant neoprene which is used at the front and back of the wetsuit; these panels will help you position your body in the water, give excellent thermal protection and provides more buoyancy, giving you increased speed through the water. The arms of the triathlon wetsuit feature the Delta Stretch Shoulder Panels and 2mm QuadraFlex underarm panels; these increase flexibility and range of motion in the water giving you the ability for a thorough unrestricted swim stroke.

Other important essentials featured in this triathlon wetsuit are the slipstream zip which reduces the potential drag and resistance on the water, the revised neck seal for comfort and ankle exit panels for a quick release.

Dry Bags

Ever wondered where to put your wallet, keys, camera, phone, ipod or gell packs when in the water? If so then a dry bag might be answer to your problems.   A dry bag is a bag that has an opening that is rolled down and then clipped shut creating an air tight pocket that not only keeps your valuables safe but floats in the water should you drop it in the water or want to trail it behind you when you swim.

They come in many shapes and sizes ranging from the smaller ones which are suitable for a mobile phone or wallet to the larger ones which can hold clothes, towels and books and are ideal for those on kayaking trips and want a safe way to transport their luggage.

Travel Towels

Travel towels are micro fibre towels that are lighter, take up less space, more absorbent and faster drying than regular towels.  They are ideal for swimmers and those travelling as they do the job much better than a regular towel and are lighter and are more convient to carry around.

Travel towels come in many sizes and often come with a pouch or bag to store them in.  Due to their thinness they are take up very little space to are ideal to carry around or keep in a bag or the car for when you might need them.  They are esepcially of use to triathlon athelets and make an ideal accompanyment to any triathlon wetsuit.

ORCA 3.8 Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit

The Orca 3.8 men’s triathlon wetsuit sees many new features added and modifications made when compared to the previous version. The torso of the wetsuit now features the AeroDome Core Equilibrium technology which sees 5mm panels of Yamamoto AeroDome neoprene used in its construction. This gives the core of the wearer’s body more than 30% more buoyancy. To achieve this hundreds of tiny air cavities are sealed within the neoprene helping you float better and keep you in the optimum position for speed and increased power in the water.

The arms of this triathlon wetsuit have been moulded to imitate the surface of a tyre giving you more traction and friction in the water helping you to displace more water as your arms stroke through the water. This effect sees the suit ‘grab’ at the water, pushing it behind you.

Premium Price for a Premium Suit

The premium nature of this wetsuit is reflected in its price tag so if you are on a budget or not a competitor who demands the best then it might not be for you. But if you are willing to pay the relatively high price tag then you will be getting yourself a great product that is right up there with the best full sleeved wetsuits on the market. If you plan to enter multiple triathlons over the coming months and years then this could be a worthy investment and it is likely you will end up buying a premium suit one day once you surpass the level of a beginner and your entry level triathlon wetsuit no longer meets your requirements. So in a way this wetsuit could actually save you money in the long run!

Orca have shown time and time again that they are one of the best manufacturer of wetsuits for triathlons so this one should definitely catch you attention.

Orca 3.8 with CardioFlex

The chest panel of the Orca 3.8 has what is known as CardioFlex technology to allow for increased flexibility and freedom of movement around the chest and shoulder areas.

If you want a modern suit with all the features that will help you record a record time then the Orca 3.8 wetsuit is definitely worth putting on your short-list.

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ORCA Alpha Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit

ORCA Alpha Men's Triathlon Wetsuit

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ORCA have made a great triathlon wetsuit here with the Alpha men’s suit. This triathlon wetsuit has gives you, the triathlete, a great amount of flexibility not often seen in tri wetsuits in this price range.

This extra flexibility is partly down to the use of Yamamoto Cell neoprene and the way it has been shaped to give maximum stretch, right across the whole wetsuit giving a consistent feel over your whole body.

As well as great flexibility the Orca Alpha triathlon wetsuit has impressive buoyancy which will improve your times and speed in the water. This improved buoyancy is down to the use of Nano SCS coating which is used all over the wetsuit.

Another technology that has been used by Orca is the Freestroke 3 System which consists of three panels of 1.5mm thickness that have been strategically positioned to improve all three phases of your stroke. The front of the suit uses a four-way free stretch lining made from high stretch nylon giving the wetsuit more give whilst being worn.

Other technologies in use on this great value Orca triathlon wetsuit include FreeFly, AquaTread, AeroDone and a Core Xtension sector.

If you want a serious triathlon wetsuit and to get the best times possible then the Orca Alpha is the suit for you.

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