Countdown to the Olympics

Team GB Triathlon TeamWith just 85 days to go until the London 2012 Olympics arrive; the preparation for the events is well underway with the qualifying spots for the games well underway. For the athletes competing to take centre stage at the Triathlon event, Hyde Park will be the venue in which the Triathlon takes place as athletes look to represent their native countries and achieve the ultimate athlete’s goal of finishing in gold medal position.

Location for the Olympic Triathlons

Hyde Park is a very open area in London and will be sure to bring enthusiastic spectators to watch as the Triathlon events take centre stage on the 4th and 7th of August. It is the perfect venue for the Triathlon races that combine swimming, cycling and running in the 3 course race that can be gruelling for the athletes.  With the sport gaining more and more recognition amongst athletes, Hyde Park will be sure to anticipate an exciting event to take place.

The London 2012 Olympics Triathlon event will consist of a 1500m swim, followed by a 43km bike ride and finished off with a 10km run. The 3 individual events will need to be swiftly dealt with by the athletes and not only for the swim, bike ride and running, but also for the transitions in between which could cost athletes vital seconds.

Women’s Triathlon at London 2012

The women’s race kicks off first on the Saturday 4th August 2012 and will be contested between 55 women athletes who will be confirmed on the sports entry deadline on 9th July 2012. As qualifying still takes place around the world to qualify for one of those 55 prestigious spots available, 2008 Beijing gold medallist Emma Snowsill could miss out. The Australian triathlete missed the race in Queensland in March this year through illness and could face a battle to be selected by the Australia board for the Triathlon event. Fellow Australian Erin Densham took full advantage of Emma Snowsill’s absence as she capped off a remarkable recovery from her heart problems to win the Queensland race.

Emma Moffatt is already named as 1 of the 3 places in the Australian’s Triathlete women’s team but with newly-crowned Oceania champion, Emma Jackson set to take another 1 of them spots, a battle between Erin Densham and Emma Snowsill for the final spot looks increasingly likely.

For Team Great Britain, their most likely athlete to unsettle the Australian’s dominance at the London 2012 games is likely to be Helen Jenkins. The 28 year old is currently ranked number 2 in the WTS rankings and won gold in the London World Championship Series last August which secured her spot in the Triathlon events at the London Olympics 2012.

Despite finishing 21st for Great Britain in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Helen Jenkins is much more optimistic this time around as she looks to improve on her 21st position this year in her home country. Helen Jenkins is coached by her husband, Marc Jenkins who is also a Triathlete and the pair will be hoping that the summer games can provide Helen with an Olympic medal.

Men’s Triathlon at London 2012

The men’s race is set to start after the women’s race on the Tuesday 7th August 2012. There will also be 55 competitors competing in the men’s race in which is sure to be one of the most in demand for tickets as the men’s competition is set to be an exciting encounter. Since its establishment in 2000, the Triathlon men’s event has seen the same 2 athletes finish in medal positions in 2 out of the 3 Triathlon events in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.

Canada’s Simon Whitfield achieved gold medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the Triathlon’s Olympic Games debut before achieving silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. New Zealand’s Bevan Docherty also aims to go one better as he achieved Bronze in 2008 and Silver in 2004. Bevan Docherty’s spot in the New Zealand team has already been confirmed for the London 2012 Games and he is set to be partnered by 2 other hopefuls for the London Games if New Zealand can maintain their current status in the world top eight before the start of June.

Team Great Britain has failed to finish anywhere higher than 9th in the 3 Olympic Games that the Triathlon has been running. Their last attempt in the 2008 Beijing Olympics was Alistair Brownlee who only managed 12th position in Beijing. However, since his 2008 disappointment, he has turned it into triumph as he went on to become back-to-back winner at the World Championships.

In his home country Alistair Brownlee will be desperate to show he has the winning capabilities at the Olympic Games in front of his country and he will be joined in his attempt to finish on the podium along with his brother. Jonathan Brownlee is also a favourite for gold at London 2012 and with both of them having secured their place for the 3 man Triathlete team; it only leaves 1 more space open.

Olympic Triathlon Favourite

The strong favourite for the final position in the men’s Triathlon team is Will Clarke, who was also a competitor for Team Great Britain alongside Alistair Brownlee in the 2008 Beijing Games. Clarke did his hopes justice when he ended last season ranked ninth in the world and was his biggest career highlight since he came onto the scene as World and European under-23 champion. The final Triathlon event before the London 2012 Games is in Madrid and Will Clarke knows a strong performance at Madrid will give his chances of completing the 3 man team a world of good.

Tim Don is a former world champion but the 34 year old may have to surrender to missing out on the 2012 Triathlon team for Great Britain as his rank has deterred in the latter stages of his career as an athlete. His performance at the 2008 Beijing games will not be one he will want to persuade the Team GB board with either as he failed to finish the event after falling too far behind on the bike leg.

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