Disclaimer Notice

Disclaimer notice for the triathlon wetsuit website.

This site is in no way connected to any of the items promoted within its pages.  It has no links to any of the brands of manufacturers of the wetsuits listed on the site.

We take no responsibility for the accuracy of our product descriptions and reviews although we make every effort to ensure that the information is correct and up to date at the time of writing.  If there are any inaccuracies we apologise but cannot be held accountable for them.  We recommend you carefully check with the manufacturer or the retailer any specific details relating to you chosen triathlon wetsuit before making you purchase.

Any prices listed on this website are doing using feeds from the retailers websites and are as accurate as possible.  Some of the pricing feeds are not live and are update once a day or more.  Due to this some information may be slightly out of sync with that on the retailers own website.  The price listed on the retailers website is the price the item will be sold at.  The price on this this site is for a guide only and should not be relied upon when making an order.

Once again we are not an official site linked to any of the brands or trademark owners written about on this site.  This is an unofficial site about triathlon wetsuits rather than a retailer of triathlon wetsuits.

We hope you find the site useful!

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