Great Britain at the European Triathlon Championships in Israel

Eilat Israel
There was heaps of joy for Great Britain as they welcomed back a gold medallist from the European Triathlon Championships at the under 20 level. James Briscoe was the Triathlete who managed to achieve this tremendous accomplishment and despite the London 2012 Olympic Games being too early for the 18 year old, there are high hopes for James Briscoe in future Olympic events and World Championships.

Under 20 Category

The European Triathlon Championships for the under 20’s were held in Israel and James Briscoe was one of 300 that the BTU had of Great Britain athletes represented at the Triathlon event. James Briscoe from Wistaston, Crewe was never expected to compete for the gold medal position but he was said to be overjoyed at his accomplishment in Israel and is now preparing to defend his title in Turkey next year when the European Championships for Triathlon come around.

Euro Triathlon 2012James said after his win: “It is a proud moment to pull on a vest bearing your family name with GBR below it. It’s an honour.” Clearly James is overwhelmed at his success but you can’t blame him for the pride he must feel.

It is especially memorable for Briscoe as he only entered the Triathlon events 3 years ago as a 15 year old. Before that James was a keen swimmer and runner and competed at county level in both events but never thought of Triathlon until he proved successful in his first event in Nantwich.

Briscoe completed the course in Israel in a time of 2 hours 15 minutes which on the day proved more than enough to win the gold medal. His nearest rival in his age group was just under 3 minutes behind which emphasised his dominance in the under 20’s category.

James Briscoe wasn’t the only success story to come out of the European Triathlon Championships in Israel as Andy Roberson was also a success to come out of the events. Andy Roberson was the only Triathlete to quality for the event in Eilat from the Chichester Westgate Triathlon Club.

45-49 Age Group

Triathlon 2012 EurosAndy Roberson managed to finish in tenth position in the 45-49 age group in what was his first ever international event so on a personal level it was a big achievement for the Chichester triathlete. Roberson entered into the sprint distance and had he not had problems during the race he may have finished even higher.

He came out from the swim in 2nd place and his transition to the bike was a very quick one. However, his downfall came during the bike mount as Roberson had difficulties with his shoes that ultimately cost him precious time. The conditions in Eilat, Israel for the event were extremely tough with strong winds blowing off the desert and straight into the Triathletes which made the event even harder.

Despite a strong finish to the race for Roberson in the final run he couldn’t close the gap between him and the front runners and had to settle for 10th position. No doubt Roberson will feel very proud of his achievements in his first ever international event and will be hoping that Great Britain will select him for future events.

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