Orca 3.0 Ladies Triathlon Wetsuit

ORCA 3.8 Ladies Triathlon Wetsuit

The Orca 3.8 Ladies Wetsuit for TriathlonsThe Orca 3.8 ladies triathlon wetsuit has been made for all the women who take triathlon as seriously as the men and want a suit that has all the features of the best men’s triathlon wetsuits.

If you are looking for one of the most comfortable and high performance suits out there, read on for our full Orca 3.8 ladies suit review.

Taking Up Where the Men’s Version Left Off

It has all the features seen in the men’s Orca 3.8 and so is ideal for endurance and long-distance swimmers competing at the top of their game.

Suit Features

This wetsuit features a 2mm CardioFlex panel in the chest area which gives unprecedented levels of flexibility and freedom across the chest and shoulder areas. The arms are kitted out with the Aquatread technology which has a tyre-like surface and has been designed to displace and grab at the water as the arms pass through it. This increases the speed and effect of each stroke.

The ORCA Brand

There is also the added bonus that comes from buying from a well-established brand such as ORCA and all the benefits that go along with choosing to purchase something from a leading brand in the triathlon equipment niche.

There years of experience and the amount of time they spent on testing and refining their products means you are in with a great chance of getting an excellent suit that not only compliments your performance but also looks the part as well.

Choosing one of the wetsuits for triathlons from ORCA is a smart move that lets your opponents know you mean business when you line up at the starting post on the big day.

Other features include the AeroDome which increases buoyancy buy about 30% saving you energy in the water and therefore allowing you to compete harder and for longer than before.

If you really want a wetsuit for triathlons that pulls out all the stops then this is the one for you.

To view the full specification of this product click here now.

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