Orca Men’s Kaisei Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits are the perfect wetsuits for anyone who wants to take their swimming seriously. These suits provide extra buoyancy to the swimmer and give them more comfort. The suits reduce water friction, allowing the swimmer to swim at a greater speed. The Kaisei Triathlon Wetsuit, a new product from Orca, is ideal for all those beginners who are looking for a great quality suit to start swimming. The wetsuit comes in a durable and flexible smoothskin neoprene material that earlier was only found in the higher level intermediate wetsuits.

These triathlon wetsuits are water resistant and have 5mm HydroLift body panels on the front and back. These body panels help you maintain a good body position when you are in the water. The DeltaStretch shoulder panel along with the 2mm QuadraFlex underarm panel together give you an excellent range of motion.

The triathlon wetsuits come in various sizes depending on your height and weight, letting you choose a size that will fit your body perfectly and give you the best swimming performance possible. The thin, pliable rubber near the shoulders and the long zippers which allow you to remove the suit during transition are what differentiates this suit from other normal triathlon wetsuits.

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