Orca S2 Triathlon Wetsuit

Are you just starting out and venturing into the world of triathlons and open water swimming? You don’t want to splash out just yet on an expensive triathlon wetsuit nor do you want to skimp on the essential features such as durability, buoyancy and thermal protection, well we have the perfect triathlon wetsuit made with beginners in mind, the Orca S2, exclusive to Wiggle.co.uk. The Orca S2 triathlon wetsuit is the newer more improved lighter and more flexible version of the extremely popular and successful Orca S1.

This triathlon wetsuit is full of excellent features, such features a few years ago were found in intermediate level triathlon wetsuits which shows just how high quality this wetsuit is.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from flexible Smoothskin, water resistant neoprene which is used at the front and back of the wetsuit; these panels will help you position your body in the water, give excellent thermal protection and provides more buoyancy, giving you increased speed through the water. The arms of the triathlon wetsuit feature the Delta Stretch Shoulder Panels and 2mm QuadraFlex underarm panels; these increase flexibility and range of motion in the water giving you the ability for a thorough unrestricted swim stroke.

Other important essentials featured in this triathlon wetsuit are the slipstream zip which reduces the potential drag and resistance on the water, the revised neck seal for comfort and ankle exit panels for a quick release.

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