Orca S3 Triathlon Wetsuit

If you are a triathlon and open water swimming beginner and aren’t quite ready for an expensive triathlon wetsuit or on a budget but still desire the high quality materials and features then this Orca S3 a new and improved version of the Orca S1 and S2 wetsuits may be for you! This wetsuit has all the buoyancy, flexibility and durability a beginner would need.

The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit is made from durable, flexible Smoothskin neoprene which provides the thermal protection and buoyancy required from a triathlon wetsuit and features 5mm HydroLift body panels on the front and back of the wetsuit to help find an optimum body position in the water, this is essential to your performance.

New additions to the Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit are the 2mm QuadStretch shoulder panels for a great motion range and the ability to find a deeper swim stroke without being restricted by heavy tight material and the HydroStroke forearm panel, which has a silicone print to increase the power during the catch phase of the swim stroke. The Flexiseal neck has also been modified and is now made from a comfortable neoprene. The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit has the slipstream zip and speed transition panels found in the Orca S2.

The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit comes in both men’s and women’s varieties.

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