Orca S4 Men’s and Women’s

The Orca S3 was one of the best selling triathlon wetsuits in the UK and the S4 looks set to take its position in the best seller lists. This is truly a remarkable suit packed with modern features and an enviable history that goes back many years through various incarnations and versions. The S4 is looking to take the number one spot when it comes to the best triathlon wetsuit on the market and after taking a look at this suit we can’t really argue with that!

The Best Triathlon Wetsuit?

Although I’m sure Orca would tell you this is the best suit on the market it always a good idea to look for the opinion of an impartial observer. If you look at the rich feature list you can begin to understand why Orca rates this suit so highly and why they expect to take the number one slot. As the level of competitiveness between the top triathlon brands grows each year the gap between their products gets even smaller with each release and to some extent it is down to personal preference rather than cold hard facts as to which item you decide is the best. But if you have yet to take a closer look at the Orca S4 then you are really doing yourself an injustice. We are not here to tell you which suit should be your favourite but we would be failing in our remit if we were not to point you in the direction of the S4 for closer inspection.

Reasons Why We Love the S4

To be honest we have been fans of the previous Orca triathlon wetsuits in the S series so we had high hopes for the S4 and we were not disappointed. The excellent levels of buoyancy we had come to know and love from Orca suits were present and correct and its attention to detail was not lacking at all. It was comfortable yet you knew you had the suit on which can sometimes be missing from some the rival products out there. It feels like they have gone out of their way to make a great suit that is fast, comfortable and very easy to get in and out of.

Orca S4 Sizing

The Orca S4 is available in a range of sizes and in both men’s and women’s versions so no matter whom you are there should be an S4 available to fit you.

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