ORCA Sonar Ladies Triathlon Wetsuit

The Orca Sonar womens triathlon wetsuit has recently been upgraded and improved to give you more buoyancy then ever before. Due to this it is ideally suited to the endurance and distance swimmers out there.

Buoyancy levels are at an impressive 30% thanks to the Orca AeroDome Core Equilibrium technology which wraps panels of 5mm thick Yamamoto DeroDome neoprene around the torso area of the tri suit.

This ladies suit helps you to get into the optimum swimming position of raised legs and torso by employing the use of hundreds of air cavities within the suits skin. This extra buoyancy allows you to stay in position for longer than to the reducing in effort required by the wearer and gives you increased power and speed.

As if that wasn’t enough, this ladies suit from Orca also features the new HydroLift Buoyancy Cells that are positioned on the forearm are of the sleeves and are made from foam cells. This technology improves your stroke when your arms are in the recovery phase of the stroke by helping to raise your arms out o the water.

Another smart feature is the Aquatread forearm panel which mimics the texture of a tyre and increases the displacement of water as your arms move.

If you want a high-tech tri suit with all the latest technology included then this is the best suit for you.

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