Orca Triathlon Wetsuits

Orca Triathlon Wetsuits

There are many different brands of triathlon wetsuits and Orca is right up there with the likes of Speedo and 2XU as one of the most popular and well respected. Their range of wetsuits is worn by amateur weekend warriors and seasoned professional triathletes alike. Whatever your level you should be able to find something that matches your budget as well as your standing in the sport.

Here are the current range of triathlon wetsuits from Orca. Click on a suit to find out more or buy it:

History of Orca

The company was founded in 1993 and was setup in Auckland, New Zealand where the brand still retains its headquarters. The brand was founded after New Zealand champion triathlete Scott Unsworth discovered there was a wetsuit shaped gap in the market. From his extensive experience as a triathlon competitor he soon recognised that traditional wetsuits, as worn by triathletes back then, were simply not designed or suitable for swimming in, especially in races where time was of the essence. After recognising this problem Scott began setting up his own company to make wetsuits that would be more suited to the swimming stages of a triathlon. His new company was named Performance Speedsuits Ltd which later became Orca.

Entry Level Orca Triathlon Wetsuits

Orca Kaisei

The modern version of the company founded back in 1993 is now world regarded for its high end triathlon wetsuits although there are a few entry level products in their range like the Orca Kaisei Wetsuit which starts from £99.99 and is as popular today as it was when it was first released. They make suits for both genders and the Orca ladies triathlon wetsuits like the Orca S3 and the Orca Equip are just two popular examples from their women’s range.

Like all good tri suits the wearer of an Orca triathlon wetsuit will benefit from improved buoyancy when in the water, longer zippers to make the removal of the wetsuit between stages a lot quicker and easier as well as a slick, smooth surface to reduce friction with the water. These great features combined give those wearing a triathlon wetsuit a good chance of a faster time than they would without one.

The Best Orca Wetsuit

Orca Alpha Wetsuit

Their top end suit at the moment is arguably the Orca Alpha Fullsleeve Wetsuit. This wetsuit uses Yamamoto #40 cell neoprene for its main shell and can be found being worn by some of the fastest triathlon swimmers in the sport.

Like most of their suits it is available for both men and women. The Orca 3.8 triathlon wetsuit is the next in line and boasts an increase of 30% in buoyancy.

The suit uses an interesting technology called CardioFlex which gives the wearer a greater amount of flexibility and a wider range of movement for both the chest and shoulder regions of the body. Two things any swimmer will appreciate no matter what their level.

Free Diving Wetsuits

Although specialising in triathlon equipment the company has recently branched out into the sport of free diving with the Orca Free, their advanced free diving wetsuit.

This suit was made in collaboration with free dive world record holder William Trubridge. Using their skills and knowledge picked up in nearly 20 years in the wetsuit game Orca brought extensive experience and knowhow to the table to design and develop possibly the most advanced free diving wetsuit out there.

It perfectly balances the need for insulation while reducing unwanted levels of buoyancy that occur when a suit is too insulating. This unwanted buoyancy can pose a real problem to free divers but in the past has been hard to avoid when it comes to making a suit that is sufficiently warm and insulated for the diver. However, the Orca Free wetsuit has managed to overcome this problem and has been widely accepted by critics and athletes alike as the new standard in free dive wetsuits.


Orca sponsors a number of athletes as well as a few competitions and triathlon organisational bodies. In 2004 they were proud to announce they were to become the official apparel supplier to the New Zealand Olympic team. Something I’m sure founder Scott Unsworth wouldn’t have believed when he first started out over 10 years ago!

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