Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for the triathlon wetsuit website.

Although this website records some data about our visitors that data is held securely on our servers.  The data gathered includes various pieces of information about the visitors computer and how they found the site and what they did whilst on the site.

This information includes:

  • What operating system the visitor is using
  • What screen resolution the visitors computers is set to
  • What Internet browser the visitor is using
  • What search engine was used to find this site
  • What keywords where entered into the search engine to find the site
  • Which pages of website the user visited
  • Which links on the website the visitor clicked on

Please note this list is not exhaustive and there may be other actions that data is collected on.

This data is useful to use as it allows us to see how the website is being used, what link people find useful and what content people are searching for.  We can also see which pages are popular and which pages are not.

Using this information we can update and modify the website to make it even more useful to our readers.

We also use two third party companies to help us understand this data better.  They are StatCounter and Google Analytics.  These two organisations have there only privacy policies you should read if you want to know more about how they operate.  We use them as they make the data easier to read and present it nicely.

We hope you find the triathlon wetsuit website helpful.

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