Quintana Roo Superfull Triathlon Wetsuit

When this triathlon wetsuit first made its appearance eight years ago, it was at the top of the pack when it came to buoyancy and flexibility. Since then, the wetsuit has just been made better and better with newer materials to give you a really superior performance. It uses a special VPB or Virtual Pull Buoy which the manufacturer has patented. This helps you swim faster and better and you can rotate on your axis with minimal effort. So you burn a lot less calories and your heart rate does not go up so you can swim a lot more and a lot quicker.

This triathlon wetsuit is made of Type 40 neoprene which is used in the arms, the sides and the chest. This material is super-stretch and this means you get the best flexibility. To improve your rotation axis in the water, there are varying thicknesses that are used in the thigh and leg areas. In high stress areas which need extra stretching, there is very durable jersey that is used. There are also double wall seams in the sides and the sleeves to add strength to the 1.5 and 2 mm thickness neoprene panels.

The breakaway zipper in this triathlon wetsuit is one of the fastest so you can exit it very quickly. Durability is good because of seam bolts in critical areas as well as the very durable jersey material used.

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