Quintana Roo Superfull Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits make the body more buoyant and facilitate better movement in the water. That’s why more and more triathletes are wearing these wetsuits. The Quintana Roo Superfull Men’s Wetsuit is probably the fastest wetsuit available today and it is also considered the best fitting. The 1.5mm and 2mm panels of Type 40 neoprene fabric used on the chest, side panels and the arms stretch more than any other fabric to allow comfortable chest expansion while breathing. The VPB or the virtual pull buoy which has been patented involves varying thicknesses of fabric around the thighs to ensure a greater rotation axis – so you swim much faster with much less effort. The silver forearm sharkskin panel improves the forearm plant as well as the pull through.

This triathlon wetsuit uses double wall seams at the sides and the sleeves so there’s less stress on them and high stress areas have stronger jersey material. Critical joints are made stronger with internal seam bolts. The gusset at the neck keeps the water out of the suit.

This triathlon wetsuit is for very fast transitions. The break away zipper and the QR or quick release ankle make for much faster removal of the wetsuit.

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