Sailfish Ladies G-Range Triathlon Wetsuit

A triathlon wetsuit for style and comfort, the Sailfish Ladies G-Range Wetsuit has been designed perfectly to give an athlete total comfort while in the water. It comes with a Nano SpaceCell neoprene coating which makes the suit have an almost-zero resistance in the water. The Avevia SuperDry inner liner does not absorb water and this makes the suit very dry and comfortable to wear. It also keeps the suit light, allowing the swimmer to be fast without being slowed down by the weight and wetness of the suit.

This triathlon wetsuit has an ErgoFit cut which gives the person who is wearing it a perfect fit. Entry of water in through your neck is also reduced due to the GripTight3 collar which has a soft neck closure. Glued blind stitched seams are also included, making your suit last longer and be more comfortable.

The SuperBalance hip panels in this triathlon wetsuit prevents hip-rolling by giving you a balanced position in the water. Now you also have better water resistance during the pull phase of your under-water stroke thanks to the new AquaReach panels that have been enlarged and have a WaffleGrid design. It all adds up to a triathlon wetsuit that has been perfectly designed for speed, comfort and buoyancy.

There is also a Men’s version of the Sailfish G-Range triathlon wetsuit.

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now.

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