Sailfish Ladies Vibrant Triathlon Wetsuit

The triathlon wetsuit brand – the Sailfish Ladies Vibrant Wetsuit comes with a number of features for comfort, durability and performance. This wetsuit comes with Longlife-Cell neoprene technology that has been designed by Sailfish wetsuits. It allows the wetsuit to stretch to a great extent and at the same time prevents it from tearing and getting ripped. It also gives it superior buoyancy that makes the wetsuit feel like a second skin on the swimmer’s body.

This triathlon wetsuit has a SoftSkin inner liner that keeps you comfortable and allows you to slip the wetsuit on and off with ease. It also cuts out extra transition time while swimming thanks to its quick release capabilities. The GripTight3 collar prevents water from getting in due to the soft neck closure in this wetsuit. The glued blind stitched seams make the suit both comfortable as well as durable.

The PowerSlide zipper in this triathlon wetsuit is hydrodynamically formed, while the buoyancy and flexibility of the wetsuit make it perfect for anyone who is a beginner right up to an advanced swimmer. This triathlon wetsuit is known to keep you comfortable and allow your body to breathe freely in the water along with giving you great movement and position while swimming.

The Sailfish Vibrant triathlon wetsuit is available for both men and women:

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