Sailfish Men’s Attack Triathlon Wetsuit

This triathlon wetsuit is made from the best inner and outer materials to make for one of the best wetsuits going. The areas around the arm and the shoulder have an Ultra-SoftStretch inner liner while the area around the legs and the torso has a SoftStretch inner liner. The outer material is made of SCS Nanoskin neoprene for the chest area while the area around the hips has SuperBalance hip panels. The GripTight3 collar makes sure that hardly any water enters from the neck and you are kept as dry as you can be inside the wetsuit.

The hip panels in this triathlon wetsuit enable the hips to roll easily and with a fluid motion while the ErgoFit cut design ensures the fit is perfect. The neoprene is a special variant that has more air bubbles in it so that the buoyancy is raised like never before. The stretch of the inner lining keeps you very flexible.

This triathlon wetsuit has glued blind stitched seams which make the wetsuit comfortable and makes sure it lasts long. The whole suit is designed to propel you through the water as fast as you can possibly go and towards this end, it ensures minimal friction and a great deal of buoyancy.

This triathlon wetsuit from Sailfish is available for both men and women:

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now.

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