Sailfish Men’s Vibrant Triathlon Wetsuit

A triathlon wetsuit is a must for every professional swimmer. It is also necessary for those who want to take the water seriously and become good with their movement in the water. The Sailfish Men’s Vibrant Wetsuit is perfect for all these people, allowing each person to bring out their best while swimming. This wetsuit comes packed with a number of features which give you both comfort as well as help in your performance in the water.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from Longlife-Cell neoprene, a piece of technology made especially by sailfish wetsuits. It gives the wetsuit a 4-way stretch, keeping it flexible. This allows the suit to fit the athlete perfectly, making it feel like a second skin. Along with this, the Longlife coating prevents the suit from tearing due to any kind of sharp edges or tugs.

The triathlon wetsuit gives the swimmer superior buoyancy thanks to the Softskin inner liner which fits the person perfectly, making them feel comfortable while in the water. The GripTight3 collar gives a soft cut at the neck, preventing water from getting in. At the same time, the glued blind stitched seams give the wetsuit both durability and comfort. So you can be sure that you will be more than satisfied with the Sailfish Men’s Vibrant Wetsuit.

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