Speedo STR Comp Wetsuit

A wetsuit for this type of competition is a full body suit that is worn by most professional swimmers to give them the best possible performance while they swim. These items have to fit the person perfectly while still being comfortable and allowing them to swim without slowing down any of their movements. For this, good quality suits are necessary. This Speedo STR Comp Wetsuit provides you with a great quality product which ensures that you have a great time while you swim, helping you enjoy the water and bring out the best in you.

Featuring Super Light Yamamoto Material

This product is made from a Super-Light Yamamoto 39 neoprene material. The material is completely colourfast and gives you reduced resistance in the water. It also has a 5mm insulation thickness provided as well as features an anti chafing collar that is seamless and adjustable. The stitch-free bonded seams of the suit help in reducing the drag while swimming, saving energy and helping you to move faster. A low water absorption rate keeps you dry while you swim. Along with this, ergonomic panels are provided in order to enhance your hip and leg buoyancy.

This product also has super stretch panels which give you maximum movement while you are in the water and provides energy efficiency that prevents muscle fatigue. This suit is ideal for those who enjoy open water swimming and provides them with speed and buoyancy along with thermal protection. The Speedo STR Comp is also very affordable, giving you great quality and a reasonable price.

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