Speedo STR Elite Triathlon Wetsuit

This Speedo STR Elite Triathlon Wetsuit is a high performance wetsuit, ideal for triathlons and open water swimming which has been designed with the professional athlete in mind. The features of this triathlon wetsuit focus on endurance and ensuring the swimmer can go longer without unnecessary restrictions such as resistance.

The triathlon wetsuit is made from resistance reducing and colourfast Super-Light Yamamoto 39 neoprene and is constructed using various panels. The lower arms have silicone aqua-touch panels which increase the potential thrust for each swim stroke and therefore improving your performance.

Buoyancy is increased by 30% due to the front of the torso Yamamoto SMS aerodrome neoprene panels and hip and leg buoyancy enhanced with the ergonomic panels. The super stretch panels are crucial for ultimate and unrestricted movement which is key to performance and swim stroke, due to this ease of movement the triathlon wetsuits increases energy efficiency in turn preventing muscle fatigue giving you a smooth swim no matter how long it is. One last important set of panels are the core oxygen panels these give flexibility around the lung expansion areas. As you can see these features will give you a competitive edge, just what the professional athlete needs!

Other additional features of this triathlon wetsuit include anti chaffing and an adjustable collar, both designed for comfort. This wetsuit comes in men’s and women’s versions.

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