Speedo Tri-Elite Wetsuit SS11

A triathlon wetsuit is needed by every swimmer who takes their swimming seriously. This wetsuit fits the person perfectly and ensures that they get maximum performance while swimming. And so, it is very important for every professional to choose their suit wisely and look for one which will fit them well and help in increasing their speed in the water. For those who swim competitively and want a wetsuit that lives up to all their standards, the Speedo Tri Elite Wetsuit SS11 is perfect for them.

This triathlon wetsuit is known for the perfect balance it offers between performance, functionality as well as comfort. Specifically designed for training and competitions, Speedo has used the Aqualab ®’s R&D experience and understanding of the human body, the environment and performance materials to create this suit. This is used to form a suit which is made with the perfect combination of materials with the perfect cut and construction that will give you an ultimate performance. The Vortextm stroke panel technology provided activates during the pull phase of the stroke. This increases the drag coefficient which allows more energy to be directed in the water and increasing the overall efficiency of your swim strokes.

The triathlon wetsuit is coated in Yamamoto SCS. These Aerodome panels give you maximum buoyancy in key areas. This reduces the friction between your body and the water drastically, giving you better performance and allowing you to move faster in the water. The reduction in friction also helps you to conserve your stamina, making it easier to swim.

This triathlon wetsuit from Speedo is available for both men and woman.

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