Speedo Triathlon Wetsuits

Speedo Triathlon Wetsuits

Speedo or Speedo International Ltd. as they are officially known are a popular manufacturer of swimwear and swimming accessories including a great range of triathlon wetsuits. They are an Australia company and were founded in 1914 giving them almost 100 years of experience in the field of swimming gear. They are probably best known for the eponymous swimming trunks but are equally well known in many other water based disciplines other than swimming such as triathlons, water polo and diving.

Speedo is known for their cutting edge designs and use of innovative materials and due to this they attract a large number of professional athletes all keen to benefit from the advantages Speedo equipment can give. According to Speedo, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics 13 out of the 15 swimming records broken was by athletes wearing Speedo gear. Michael Phelps’ medal haul of 16, including 8 gold medals, at Athens and Beijing was achieved whilst wearing the revolutionary Speedo LZR Racer suit. To find out more about the Speedo LZR Racer suit click here now.

Speedo Tri-Pro Wetsuit

When it comes to triathlon wetsuits Speedo are very popular and have a great line up of suits for tri-athletes at all levels of the sport. Speedo triathlon wetsuits utilize the technology pioneered in their swim suits and allow the wearer to benefit from the brands many years of experience in the field of water sports. Although not the cheapest tri suits out there their range does feature some very affordable items going right up to the professional suits which have higher price tags. The Speedo Tri-Elite wetsuits are the top end items and are ideal for the professional racers out there who demand the best from their wetsuit and don’t mind paying for quality. The Speedo Tri-Pro wetsuit range is ideal for those at pro level or at the higher end of the amateur competitions who take their races very seriously. The Speedo Tri-Comp range is their entry level range of triathlon wetsuits and while being more affordable still gives the wearer a great range of features and high level of quality to help them compete at their best on the day. Speedo triathlon wetsuits are available in men’s, women’s and junior sizes so whoever you are there is a suit just for you.

If you want your wetsuit to feature the latest innovations and technology and come from a brand with an almost 100 year pedigree you will not be disappointed with a Speedo Triathlon Wetsuit.

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