Sphere Ironman Men’s Racer Pro Series Wetsuit

This triathlon wetsuit is made for the best Yamamoto SCS fabric and it gives you the best flexibility and buoyancy you can hope to get in a wetsuit. This is especially designed for the professional male athlete. The designing has been done in conjunction with leading athletes, especially triathletes in order to make it a wetsuit that is perfect for the best performance.

This is a triathlon wetsuit that has a number of special features. From a core 4.5mm Aqua-Drive™ body panel to leak resistant Aqua-Grip™ cuffs to better traction on the forearms thanks to better Power-Zone™, from a comfortable Aqua-Flex™ collar to Chafe-Guard that is used under the arms. All these features add up to a much better performance-oriented wetsuit for you.

This triathlon wetsuit comes with its own transition mat and carrying case for convenience. It has a strong deep-back zipper that comes with a leash to enable quick pulling off and putting on. This wetsuit is just what professional triathletes will look for when they want a combination of all the best features they can get.

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now.

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