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Dry Bags

Ever wondered where to put your wallet, keys, camera, phone, ipod or gell packs when in the water? If so then a dry bag might be answer to your problems.   A dry bag is a bag that has an opening that is rolled down and then clipped shut creating an air tight pocket that not only keeps your valuables safe but floats in the water should you drop it in the water or want to trail it behind you when you swim.

They come in many shapes and sizes ranging from the smaller ones which are suitable for a mobile phone or wallet to the larger ones which can hold clothes, towels and books and are ideal for those on kayaking trips and want a safe way to transport their luggage.

Travel Towels

Travel towels are micro fibre towels that are lighter, take up less space, more absorbent and faster drying than regular towels.  They are ideal for swimmers and those travelling as they do the job much better than a regular towel and are lighter and are more convient to carry around.

Travel towels come in many sizes and often come with a pouch or bag to store them in.  Due to their thinness they are take up very little space to are ideal to carry around or keep in a bag or the car for when you might need them.  They are esepcially of use to triathlon athelets and make an ideal accompanyment to any triathlon wetsuit.