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Sphere Ironman Men’s Racer Pro Series Wetsuit

This triathlon wetsuit is made for the best Yamamoto SCS fabric and it gives you the best flexibility and buoyancy you can hope to get in a wetsuit. This is especially designed for the professional male athlete. The designing has been done in conjunction with leading athletes, especially triathletes in order to make it a wetsuit that is perfect for the best performance.

This is a triathlon wetsuit that has a number of special features. From a core 4.5mm Aqua-Drive™ body panel to leak resistant Aqua-Grip™ cuffs to better traction on the forearms thanks to better Power-Zone™, from a comfortable Aqua-Flex™ collar to Chafe-Guard that is used under the arms. All these features add up to a much better performance-oriented wetsuit for you.

This triathlon wetsuit comes with its own transition mat and carrying case for convenience. It has a strong deep-back zipper that comes with a leash to enable quick pulling off and putting on. This wetsuit is just what professional triathletes will look for when they want a combination of all the best features they can get.

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Aqua Sphere Ironman Pursuit Competitor Series Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits were invented in 1987 and they were an improvement over the conventional wetsuits in that they facilitated speed, buoyancy and comfort. They are made of slick, lightweight materials with properties like stretching so that the athlete expends the least amount of energy for the best possible speed. The Sphere Ironman Pursuit Competitor Series Wetsuit 2010 is made in collaboration with Yamamoto SCS to ensure the best possible buoyancy together with the easy movement.

This triathlon wetsuit comes with much better Power-Zone™ traction technology where the forearms are concerned and it has a core body panel of 4mm Aqua-Drive™. The Aqua-Flex™ collar makes for the last word in comfort and the cuffs are made of Aqua-Grip™ leak resistant material. The wetsuit is provided with underarm Chafe-Guard for even more comfort. All in all, this wetsuit is made to give you comfort, warmth, flexibility and good buoyancy.

This triathlon wetsuit is excellent as an entry-level buy as it is available at a great price. It is also good for triathletes who are purely ‘weekend’ professional swimmers. The strong zipper at the back has a leash which makes it very easy to pull on and pull off so it’s a quick and easy transition. When you buy the Aqua Sphere Ironman Pursuit Competitor Series Wetsuit 2010, you also get a pair of Coral Red Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles absolutely free!

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Aqua Sphere Ironman Speed Suit

Triathlon wetsuits that have been designed by triathletes take into consideration the exact needs of these athletes and how best a wetsuit can meet those requirements. Wetsuits that are well designed have considerable advantages to swimming without a suit. The Aqua Sphere Ironman Men’s Speed Suit is a feat of designing engineering in that it fits the body’s contours perfectly so that there is a superb combination of comfort as well as flexibility. The panels on the shoulders allow you free movement for the maximum stroke length and the best possible rotation of the shoulders.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from the best hydroform material which stretches yet fits perfectly to protect your muscles. This stretch-and-compress feature about this fabric is what helps to keep the muscles taut and fatigue-free. The fabric has a hydrophobic surface which keeps the water out and the wetsuit is really lightweight to ensure the least resistance and the best performance. Light, durable, water-resistant – in every way, these wetsuits give complete satisfaction to the athlete.

The triathlon wetsuit comes in a mesh storage bag and is available in men’s and women’s varieties and has a strong back zipper that makes slipping it on and off very quick and easy. Triathletes who have tried it say it is the fastest suit they have worn.

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Aqua Sphere Ironman Icon Elite Series Triathlon Wetsuit

This Aqua Sphere Ironman Icon Elite Triathlon wetsuit is designed in conjunction with top triathletes such as former Ironman world champion Faris Al Sutan specifically for the elite athlete who needs a top of the range wetsuit with the essential high performance features such as flexibility, buoyancy and comfort.

The Icon triathlon wetsuit is made from the excellent Yamamoto SCS fabrics which are exceptionally flexible, lightweight and have low drag buoyancy; these ensure you are positioned correctly in the water and there are no restrictions from heavy tight fabrics which could hamper your performance.

The core of the triathlon wetsuit is a 5mm Aqua-Drive body panel; this increases buoyancy to help body position in the water. The forearms feature Power-Zone traction technology; these two important features increase your speed and energy efficiency and in turn boost your performance, making your swim more competitive.

For added comfort and ease of use this triathlon wetsuit has an Aqua-Flex collar, an underarm Chafe-Guard and Aqua-Grip leak resistant cuffs to prevent leaks and uncomfortable chaffing. The deep back pull zipper has a leash making transitions quick and easy.

The triathlon wetsuit also comes with an additional extra in the form of a protective carrying case/transition mat to keep your wetsuit protected.