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Blue Seventy Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit

This is a new triathlon wetsuit from Blue Seventy for the 2010/2011 triathlon season. Triathlon wetsuits are ideal for anyone who wants to swim, whether they are professionals or not. The Blue Seventy Sprint is one such wetsuit that is focused at new swimmers who want to get used to open water. Unlike many other triathlon wetsuits, this suit is not multi-purpose. Instead, it is designed specially for open water, giving the swimmer more buoyancy and comfort.

The triathlon wetsuits from Blueseventy come with a number of features, making the suit comfortable to wear and making sure that it allows the swimmer to achieve an excellent performance. The suit has dual zip flaps that prevent water from entering the suit while you swim while the streamline zip reduces dragging. The anatomical cut makes it easy to pull off the wetsuit. At the same time, the anatomical panel design lets you move freely in the suit without much restriction.

These triathlon wetsuits also have a low line collar that gives you maximum comfort. The wetsuit fits the body perfectly, making it good enough to compete with higher-range wetsuits. Along with this, a central buoyancy panel gives you a better body position in the water while the underarm gussets are large and stretchable, allowing you to move freely while you swim.

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Blue Seventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit

This is the new Blue Seventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit for the 2010/2011 Triathlon Season. It is available in both Men’s and Women’s versions.

Triathlon wetsuits are designed in order to give a swimmer all the comfort they want while increasing their performance and speed when they swim. The Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit is one such suit that gives the swimmer all these features and more at a reasonable price. The wetsuit is made of an advanced material composition that makes it as superior in quality as other wetsuits that cost a lot more.

These triathlon wetsuits are made with a special molecular air trapping neoprene rubber in the central panel of the suit that gives the suit more buoyancy. There is a special air-cell front panel that creates pockets of air in the suit without compromising on the buoyancy. Thermoregulation has been placed strategically in the suit, improving the swimmer’s body position. This helps in saving energy while swimming. There is also an ultra low friction coating throughout the suit, enhancing the hydrodynamics and making the swimmer move quicker.

These triathlon wetsuits have large arm gussets that stretch up to 250%, increasing flexibility to a great extent. These suits also have a perfect fit, making them one of the most reasonable suits available in the market today for the number of features they possess.

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Blue Seventy Fusion Triathlon Wetsuit

The Blue Seventy Fusion Triathlon Wetsuit is another tri suit for the new 2010/2011 triathlon season. Triathlon wetsuits can be purchased by anyone who wants to take up swimming. These suits ensure that you swim at a great speed with comfort and without wasting too much energy. The Blue Seventy Fusion Wetsuit is targeted at those who are new to swimming and just want to enjoy the open water. The comfort levels of these suits match up to expensive and professional wetsuits. This assures any buyer that they are making the right choice.

These triathlon wetsuits are affordable and come with a number of features to help you get the best out of your swimming experience. Some of the features include dual zips that prevent water from entering the suit and a streamline zip which reduces the drag. The low line collar adds to the comfort of the suit while the anatomical panel gives you less restriction with your movements while you swim. The underarm gussets also help you to stretch your arms with ease while you swim. And to let you exit your suit quickly, the Seventy Fusion wetsuit comes with an anatomical cut and shaped lower leg.

The Blue Seventy Fusion Triathlon Wetsuit is available in 14 different sizes. This ensures that you can get a perfect fitting wetsuit for yourself no matter what size you are.

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Blueseventy Axis Triathlon Wetsuit

Much of a triathlon wetsuit’s performance depends on the material that is used to make it. This wetsuit uses molecular neoprene which gives you far more buoyancy and performance than ever before. This variant of neoprene is superior to other types of neoprene and it is specially made to make body alignment better and to make you more buoyant.

This triathlon wetsuit has propulsion panels in the forearms so you can move much faster in the water. It also has flex reach panels so that you can be extremely flexible with maximum detachability from your body. The material at the neck is low friction so it makes for comfort and better movement to see well.

The basic thrust of this triathlon wetsuit design is buoyancy and the whole design concentrates mainly on that. Our bodies have a buoyancy zone in the chest area thanks to the lungs which are essentially air bags. This suit balances this buoyancy area with buoyancy areas in the suit at the hips, the thighs and the legs. Special attention is paid to the calves because most athletes have well developed muscles here so they need extra buoyancy in this area. By doing this, there is balanced buoyancy for the athlete.

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