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Orca S4 Men’s and Women’s

The Orca S3 was one of the best selling triathlon wetsuits in the UK and the S4 looks set to take its position in the best seller lists. This is truly a remarkable suit packed with modern features and an enviable history that goes back many years through various incarnations and versions. The S4 is looking to take the number one spot when it comes to the best triathlon wetsuit on the market and after taking a look at this suit we can’t really argue with that!

The Best Triathlon Wetsuit?

Although I’m sure Orca would tell you this is the best suit on the market it always a good idea to look for the opinion of an impartial observer. If you look at the rich feature list you can begin to understand why Orca rates this suit so highly and why they expect to take the number one slot. As the level of competitiveness between the top triathlon brands grows each year the gap between their products gets even smaller with each release and to some extent it is down to personal preference rather than cold hard facts as to which item you decide is the best. But if you have yet to take a closer look at the Orca S4 then you are really doing yourself an injustice. We are not here to tell you which suit should be your favourite but we would be failing in our remit if we were not to point you in the direction of the S4 for closer inspection.

Reasons Why We Love the S4

To be honest we have been fans of the previous Orca triathlon wetsuits in the S series so we had high hopes for the S4 and we were not disappointed. The excellent levels of buoyancy we had come to know and love from Orca suits were present and correct and its attention to detail was not lacking at all. It was comfortable yet you knew you had the suit on which can sometimes be missing from some the rival products out there. It feels like they have gone out of their way to make a great suit that is fast, comfortable and very easy to get in and out of.

Orca S4 Sizing

The Orca S4 is available in a range of sizes and in both men’s and women’s versions so no matter whom you are there should be an S4 available to fit you.

To get the full low down on the S4 triathlon wetsuit and check the latest prices click here now.

Orca Men’s Kaisei Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits are the perfect wetsuits for anyone who wants to take their swimming seriously. These suits provide extra buoyancy to the swimmer and give them more comfort. The suits reduce water friction, allowing the swimmer to swim at a greater speed. The Kaisei Triathlon Wetsuit, a new product from Orca, is ideal for all those beginners who are looking for a great quality suit to start swimming. The wetsuit comes in a durable and flexible smoothskin neoprene material that earlier was only found in the higher level intermediate wetsuits.

These triathlon wetsuits are water resistant and have 5mm HydroLift body panels on the front and back. These body panels help you maintain a good body position when you are in the water. The DeltaStretch shoulder panel along with the 2mm QuadraFlex underarm panel together give you an excellent range of motion.

The triathlon wetsuits come in various sizes depending on your height and weight, letting you choose a size that will fit your body perfectly and give you the best swimming performance possible. The thin, pliable rubber near the shoulders and the long zippers which allow you to remove the suit during transition are what differentiates this suit from other normal triathlon wetsuits.

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now.

Orca Ladies Kaisei Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits are highly in demand by all those who swim, whether professionally or not. It is very important that people choose their triathlon wetsuits with care, making sure that they get a suit that will fit all their requirements and give them optimum performance while they are swimming. The new Kaisei Triathon Wetsuit from Orca has a wide range of wetsuits especially designed for women, made to fit perfectly so that they can try their hand at open water swimming.

These triathlon wetsuits come packed with a number of features, allowing ladies to now enjoy the features of a high quality triathlon wetsuit at a very low price. The suit is made of smoothskin neoprene that is high flexible and durable. The material, which is water-resistant, has great buoyancy and provides the swimmer with thermal protection when they are in the water. Besides this, other features of the suit include 5mm HydroLift body panels that are located on both the front and back of the suit, ensuring a great body position in the water. There is also a 2mm QuadraFlex underarm panel as well as a DeltaStretch shoulder panel attached to the wetsuit. These help in given the woman a great range in motion.

The triathlon wetsuits are available in a number of sizes, fitting all kinds of women perfectly.

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now.

The Best Triathlon Wetsuits for Sale

Here are the best models on offer from the current season, at the lowest possible prices:

Triathlon Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to buy a Triathlon Wetsuit? Or simply want to understand how a wetsuit will help you? Then read our guide below on the benefits of owning a triathlon wetsuit.

Like the majority of sporting events, there is a real need for specialist gear, and triathlons are no exception. As a triathlete purchasing a purpose designed tri wetsuit will give you an advantage over fellow competitors. The major benefit of a triathlon wetsuit is its buoyancy properties.


The majority of specialist triathlon wetsuit brands achieve the desired buoyancy through a combination of thickness and rubber types. Rules and regulations limit wetsuit thickness to 5mm.

Most Triathlon wetsuit brands use 5mm rubber around the front torso and leg areas, this is because this is the heaviest area of your body. The thicker the rubber the greater the lift, which makes it easier to swim and stay in a streamlined position. In other words Triathlon wetsuits help to keep your body out of the water, making the swimming stage more efficient as you expend less energy.

Reduces Drag

The second advantage to owning a triathlon wetsuit is that it reduces drag in the water. The wetsuit material is aerodynamically designed; the rubber is slick and slippery creating less friction between you and the water, once again helping you preserve energy for the latter stages of the race.

Improves Swimming Technique

A triathlon wetsuit is also designed to improve swimming technique and form, especially useful for beginners. The wetsuit helps to support your body in a horizontal position. Head position is imperative as it controls your body shape in the water; good head position will result in good body position thus improving swimming form. Wearing a triathlon wetsuit eliminates your head from the equation meaning your body is kept at the optimal position.

Speeds up Transition

A specifically designed triathlon wetsuit will improve the speed of which you transition between stages compared to diving or surf specific wetsuits. This is because tri suits are designed to be easy to pull off once you’re out the water. They enable greater flexibility for improved dexterity and speed of movement.


A triathlon wetsuit will keep you warm in cold water swimming. There are, however, certain rules you must adhere to, if the water temperature isn’t cold enough some triathlon events will not allow wetsuits.


In conclusion, a great triathlon wetsuit will keep you from burning too much energy in the first leg of the race. It improves overall efficiency in the water allowing you to charge into the transition with plenty of power in the reserve tanks. If you want to improve your overall triathlon times then purchasing a specialist Triathlon wetsuit is good start, your swimming times will improve and will have a positive effect on the two other stages.

We hope you found this triathlon wetsuit guide useful and are able to choose the right tri suit for your needs.

Here are some essential accessories to help you make the most of your triathlon training and competitions:

Orca S3 Triathlon Wetsuit

If you are a triathlon and open water swimming beginner and aren’t quite ready for an expensive triathlon wetsuit or on a budget but still desire the high quality materials and features then this Orca S3 a new and improved version of the Orca S1 and S2 wetsuits may be for you! This wetsuit has all the buoyancy, flexibility and durability a beginner would need.

The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit is made from durable, flexible Smoothskin neoprene which provides the thermal protection and buoyancy required from a triathlon wetsuit and features 5mm HydroLift body panels on the front and back of the wetsuit to help find an optimum body position in the water, this is essential to your performance.

New additions to the Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit are the 2mm QuadStretch shoulder panels for a great motion range and the ability to find a deeper swim stroke without being restricted by heavy tight material and the HydroStroke forearm panel, which has a silicone print to increase the power during the catch phase of the swim stroke. The Flexiseal neck has also been modified and is now made from a comfortable neoprene. The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit has the slipstream zip and speed transition panels found in the Orca S2.

The Orca S3 triathlon wetsuit comes in both men’s and women’s varieties.

Orca S2 Triathlon Wetsuit

Are you just starting out and venturing into the world of triathlons and open water swimming? You don’t want to splash out just yet on an expensive triathlon wetsuit nor do you want to skimp on the essential features such as durability, buoyancy and thermal protection, well we have the perfect triathlon wetsuit made with beginners in mind, the Orca S2, exclusive to Wiggle.co.uk. The Orca S2 triathlon wetsuit is the newer more improved lighter and more flexible version of the extremely popular and successful Orca S1.

This triathlon wetsuit is full of excellent features, such features a few years ago were found in intermediate level triathlon wetsuits which shows just how high quality this wetsuit is.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from flexible Smoothskin, water resistant neoprene which is used at the front and back of the wetsuit; these panels will help you position your body in the water, give excellent thermal protection and provides more buoyancy, giving you increased speed through the water. The arms of the triathlon wetsuit feature the Delta Stretch Shoulder Panels and 2mm QuadraFlex underarm panels; these increase flexibility and range of motion in the water giving you the ability for a thorough unrestricted swim stroke.

Other important essentials featured in this triathlon wetsuit are the slipstream zip which reduces the potential drag and resistance on the water, the revised neck seal for comfort and ankle exit panels for a quick release.

Orca 3.0 Ladies Triathlon Wetsuit

ORCA 3.8 Ladies Triathlon Wetsuit

The Orca 3.8 Ladies Wetsuit for TriathlonsThe Orca 3.8 ladies triathlon wetsuit has been made for all the women who take triathlon as seriously as the men and want a suit that has all the features of the best men’s triathlon wetsuits.

If you are looking for one of the most comfortable and high performance suits out there, read on for our full Orca 3.8 ladies suit review.

Taking Up Where the Men’s Version Left Off

It has all the features seen in the men’s Orca 3.8 and so is ideal for endurance and long-distance swimmers competing at the top of their game.

Suit Features

This wetsuit features a 2mm CardioFlex panel in the chest area which gives unprecedented levels of flexibility and freedom across the chest and shoulder areas. The arms are kitted out with the Aquatread technology which has a tyre-like surface and has been designed to displace and grab at the water as the arms pass through it. This increases the speed and effect of each stroke.

The ORCA Brand

There is also the added bonus that comes from buying from a well-established brand such as ORCA and all the benefits that go along with choosing to purchase something from a leading brand in the triathlon equipment niche.

There years of experience and the amount of time they spent on testing and refining their products means you are in with a great chance of getting an excellent suit that not only compliments your performance but also looks the part as well.

Choosing one of the wetsuits for triathlons from ORCA is a smart move that lets your opponents know you mean business when you line up at the starting post on the big day.

Other features include the AeroDome which increases buoyancy buy about 30% saving you energy in the water and therefore allowing you to compete harder and for longer than before.

If you really want a wetsuit for triathlons that pulls out all the stops then this is the one for you.

To view the full specification of this product click here now.

ORCA 3.8 Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit

The Orca 3.8 men’s triathlon wetsuit sees many new features added and modifications made when compared to the previous version. The torso of the wetsuit now features the AeroDome Core Equilibrium technology which sees 5mm panels of Yamamoto AeroDome neoprene used in its construction. This gives the core of the wearer’s body more than 30% more buoyancy. To achieve this hundreds of tiny air cavities are sealed within the neoprene helping you float better and keep you in the optimum position for speed and increased power in the water.

The arms of this triathlon wetsuit have been moulded to imitate the surface of a tyre giving you more traction and friction in the water helping you to displace more water as your arms stroke through the water. This effect sees the suit ‘grab’ at the water, pushing it behind you.

Premium Price for a Premium Suit

The premium nature of this wetsuit is reflected in its price tag so if you are on a budget or not a competitor who demands the best then it might not be for you. But if you are willing to pay the relatively high price tag then you will be getting yourself a great product that is right up there with the best full sleeved wetsuits on the market. If you plan to enter multiple triathlons over the coming months and years then this could be a worthy investment and it is likely you will end up buying a premium suit one day once you surpass the level of a beginner and your entry level triathlon wetsuit no longer meets your requirements. So in a way this wetsuit could actually save you money in the long run!

Orca have shown time and time again that they are one of the best manufacturer of wetsuits for triathlons so this one should definitely catch you attention.

Orca 3.8 with CardioFlex

The chest panel of the Orca 3.8 has what is known as CardioFlex technology to allow for increased flexibility and freedom of movement around the chest and shoulder areas.

If you want a modern suit with all the features that will help you record a record time then the Orca 3.8 wetsuit is definitely worth putting on your short-list.

Click here to view the full specification of this product

ORCA Sonar Ladies Triathlon Wetsuit

The Orca Sonar womens triathlon wetsuit has recently been upgraded and improved to give you more buoyancy then ever before. Due to this it is ideally suited to the endurance and distance swimmers out there.

Buoyancy levels are at an impressive 30% thanks to the Orca AeroDome Core Equilibrium technology which wraps panels of 5mm thick Yamamoto DeroDome neoprene around the torso area of the tri suit.

This ladies suit helps you to get into the optimum swimming position of raised legs and torso by employing the use of hundreds of air cavities within the suits skin. This extra buoyancy allows you to stay in position for longer than to the reducing in effort required by the wearer and gives you increased power and speed.

As if that wasn’t enough, this ladies suit from Orca also features the new HydroLift Buoyancy Cells that are positioned on the forearm are of the sleeves and are made from foam cells. This technology improves your stroke when your arms are in the recovery phase of the stroke by helping to raise your arms out o the water.

Another smart feature is the Aquatread forearm panel which mimics the texture of a tyre and increases the displacement of water as your arms move.

If you want a high-tech tri suit with all the latest technology included then this is the best suit for you.

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ORCA Alpha Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit

ORCA Alpha Men's Triathlon Wetsuit

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ORCA have made a great triathlon wetsuit here with the Alpha men’s suit. This triathlon wetsuit has gives you, the triathlete, a great amount of flexibility not often seen in tri wetsuits in this price range.

This extra flexibility is partly down to the use of Yamamoto Cell neoprene and the way it has been shaped to give maximum stretch, right across the whole wetsuit giving a consistent feel over your whole body.

As well as great flexibility the Orca Alpha triathlon wetsuit has impressive buoyancy which will improve your times and speed in the water. This improved buoyancy is down to the use of Nano SCS coating which is used all over the wetsuit.

Another technology that has been used by Orca is the Freestroke 3 System which consists of three panels of 1.5mm thickness that have been strategically positioned to improve all three phases of your stroke. The front of the suit uses a four-way free stretch lining made from high stretch nylon giving the wetsuit more give whilst being worn.

Other technologies in use on this great value Orca triathlon wetsuit include FreeFly, AquaTread, AeroDone and a Core Xtension sector.

If you want a serious triathlon wetsuit and to get the best times possible then the Orca Alpha is the suit for you.

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