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TYR Hurricane C3 Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits are designed to give the swimmer maximum comfort and speed while swimming. These wetsuits are used by top level swimmers all over the world to increase their performance. Often expensive to buy, these suits are usually targeted at those who are serious about swimming. However, the TYR Hurricane C3 Wetsuit is a superb quality wetsuit that gives you all the features of a top-end suit at the fraction of the price. Designed so that it includes all the highlights of the Category 5 wetsuit, you can be sure that the TYR Hurricane C3 Wetsuit is one of the best available in the market today.

These triathlon wetsuits have a 360° Core Stabilization System that targets the muscle groups of the swimmer, elevating him and ensuring optimum performance while preserving energy. The free R.O.M Zones remove all constrictions, allowing the swimmer to reach out without putting any strain on his shoulder. The wetsuit also has a number of other features including Speed Wrap Panelling and Graded Force Catch Panels.

The triathlon wetsuits from TYR also come with wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs that give you powerful strokes and effortless removal of the suit. The cuffs also prevent water from entering the suit.

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TYR Hurricane C1 Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits can provide the triathlete with a lot of advantages, the chief among them being saving energy and increasing speed. These modern wetsuits are built for comfort and speed which is why more and more people who take part in these events are using them. When it comes to the TYR Hurricane C1 Triathlon Male Wetsuit, there are a number of features that make it a great choice. The free ROM zones mean that the wearer gets a really long reach without any shoulder strain. This design has used the company’s extensive experience in this area to come up with a great triathlon wetsuit at a competitive price.

This triathlon wetsuit is made from laminated 100% sponge rubber nylon and it uses Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels which are the ultimate in lightweight fabrics so it reduces drag in the water. These panels are used throughout the chest, the whole leg and the core and this speed wrap panelling really does maximise the performance levels of the wearer.

The triathlon wetsuit is made for quick transition and the feature that helps this quick taking off and taking on is the quick release ankle cuffs. The legs are tapered so the ankle can reverse and open fast. The wrist cuffs are fitting so no water enters the suit and they stretch to allow more powerful strokes. This triathlon wetsuit design was arrived at after the company worked with Andy Potts for feedback. TYR then put together a wetsuit that maximised performance and minimised fatigue.

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now