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The Best Triathlon Wetsuits for Sale

Here are the best models on offer from the current season, at the lowest possible prices:

Triathlon Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to buy a Triathlon Wetsuit? Or simply want to understand how a wetsuit will help you? Then read our guide below on the benefits of owning a triathlon wetsuit.

Like the majority of sporting events, there is a real need for specialist gear, and triathlons are no exception. As a triathlete purchasing a purpose designed tri wetsuit will give you an advantage over fellow competitors. The major benefit of a triathlon wetsuit is its buoyancy properties.


The majority of specialist triathlon wetsuit brands achieve the desired buoyancy through a combination of thickness and rubber types. Rules and regulations limit wetsuit thickness to 5mm.

Most Triathlon wetsuit brands use 5mm rubber around the front torso and leg areas, this is because this is the heaviest area of your body. The thicker the rubber the greater the lift, which makes it easier to swim and stay in a streamlined position. In other words Triathlon wetsuits help to keep your body out of the water, making the swimming stage more efficient as you expend less energy.

Reduces Drag

The second advantage to owning a triathlon wetsuit is that it reduces drag in the water. The wetsuit material is aerodynamically designed; the rubber is slick and slippery creating less friction between you and the water, once again helping you preserve energy for the latter stages of the race.

Improves Swimming Technique

A triathlon wetsuit is also designed to improve swimming technique and form, especially useful for beginners. The wetsuit helps to support your body in a horizontal position. Head position is imperative as it controls your body shape in the water; good head position will result in good body position thus improving swimming form. Wearing a triathlon wetsuit eliminates your head from the equation meaning your body is kept at the optimal position.

Speeds up Transition

A specifically designed triathlon wetsuit will improve the speed of which you transition between stages compared to diving or surf specific wetsuits. This is because tri suits are designed to be easy to pull off once you’re out the water. They enable greater flexibility for improved dexterity and speed of movement.


A triathlon wetsuit will keep you warm in cold water swimming. There are, however, certain rules you must adhere to, if the water temperature isn’t cold enough some triathlon events will not allow wetsuits.


In conclusion, a great triathlon wetsuit will keep you from burning too much energy in the first leg of the race. It improves overall efficiency in the water allowing you to charge into the transition with plenty of power in the reserve tanks. If you want to improve your overall triathlon times then purchasing a specialist Triathlon wetsuit is good start, your swimming times will improve and will have a positive effect on the two other stages.

We hope you found this triathlon wetsuit guide useful and are able to choose the right tri suit for your needs.

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