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Zone 3 Vision Triathlon Wetsuit

If you are looking for a great value triathlon wetsuit from a top brand then the Zone 3 Vision wetsuit might be just what you are looking for. Zone 3 has been around since 2009 after being launched by a number of top athletes from Loughborough University. The brand quickly established themselves as a top name in the world of triathlon equipment and their suits were worn by a number of top competitors from the outset.

A Top Class Wetsuit at a Budget Price

What is most exciting about this suit is that it is the first wetsuit from Zone 3 which retails for less than £200. Now that they have been around for a few years it appears the British firm have been able to recoup some of their expenditure on research and development and pass on some of the cost savings to the consumer by releasing a lower priced item that is still packed with some top notch features and details.

Zone 3 Vision Features

For a sub £200 wetsuit this item doesn’t really lack any of the main features that are essential on a good wetsuit. It has a full body coating of Speed-Flo which we challenge you to find on any other triathlon wetsuit in this price range. Thanks to this coating you will move through the water with a minimal amount of drag. Like the much higher priced Zone 3 Vanquish the Vision has Pro Speed Cuffs to ensure you make one of the quickest transition times out there. Although it does not feature an upwards motion zipper like some of the more expensive models it is still a relatively easy zip to access and operate so while this is a bit of a downside it doesn’t really harm our overall opinion of the suit.


So to summarise this is a sub £200 wetsuit from top British triathlon brand Zone 3 which is packed full of features which have been passed down from their much more expensive models. The only let down is the downwards motion zipper but at this price you’d be mad to let that stop you from taking a closer look!

To view the full specification of the Zone 3 Vision click here now.

Zone 3 Vanquish 2012

This is the new 2012 version of the Zone 3 Vanquish triathlon wetsuit which debuted in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim. Each year Zone 3 has worked tirelessly to improve upon the previous year’s version and this latest incarnation is no exception. This company have poured large amounts of resources into refining and perfecting their panel design to bring you a triathlon wetsuit that is highly flexible while being evenly configured for perfect levels of buoyancy. It makes use of a large single piece of material for its shoulder panel to ensure you are as unrestricted as possible, leaving your strokes as unimpeded as if you were swimming in just your shorts. The design of the cuffs has been focused on easy access, allowing you to put on and take off the suit as quickly as possible. If you are prone to slip ups during the transitional phase between stages then the ease of which this suit can be removed should really appeal to you. The zip also helps in this capacity thanks to its upwards opening direction which allows you to quickly yank it up and get the suit off. This also prevents the unsportsmanlike practice of pulling down an opponent’s zipper during a race which is becoming increasingly common in this day and age.

Breathe Easy with the Zone 3 Vanquish

The design of this triathlon wetsuit from Zone 3 features an almost v-neck appearance which has been chosen to allow you to breath easily with no tight material around your neck and Adam’s apple. It slightly resembles a v-neck t-shirt rather than the traditional tight neck line of a wetsuit which goes a long way to giving you an unconstructed fit around the neck.

Best of British

If you want one of the best triathlon wetsuits on the market then this is going to be going straight on your short list. Ever since Zone 3 arrived on the scene out of Loughborough University they have built some of the best and most popular triathlon equipment available.

If you want to support a local firm as well as get a great example of design and comfort check out the full spec. of the Zone 3 Vanquish by clicking here now.

Zone 3 Aspire Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits are a great improvement over the old wetsuits and they give the athlete a greater advantage over swimming without one. These wetsuits help to considerably reduce friction underwater and ensure you move much faster. The Zone 3 Men’s Aspire Wetsuit 2010 is a very comfortable wetsuit and it feels absolutely natural when worn. The thickness of the neoprene fabric that is used is balanced perfectly all over the body so you get a perfect combination of support for the muscles as well as buoyancy. The flexibility of the neoprene used in the shoulders and the arms means that you have a much greater degree of free movement and flexibility. The fabric has an SCS coating to ensure there is absolutely minimal drag in the water.

Triathlon wetsuits need to be built for speed and this one has spring loaded shoulders that conserve your energy while allowing you faster strokes. The Pro Speed™ leg and arm cuffs make sure the wetsuit rolls off the body as quickly and as smoothly as possible. There are athletes who feel that this is the fastest transition suit and the new design makes it even better that before. The panel design is better and the cuffs and zips have been improved for speed.

This triathlon wetsuit comes at a great price which also makes it a good entry-level suit for those who wish to upgrade to wetsuits.

To view the full specification of this triathlon wetsuit and buy click here now