The Most Important Triathlon Equipment You Will Need

Compression GearA lot of preparation takes place for athletes of all abilities when planning ahead for triathlon events. No matter what level of ability you are as a Triathlete, the fundamental equipment needed to perform remains the same and all the equipment will help enhance athlete’s performances when they compete in a triathlon event.

As different brands go head to head against each other to try and provide the best source of equipment for their athletes, many brands are now starting to design their equipment with so many different features and pieces of technology that put them ahead of their rival brands. Everything from the material that the equipment is made from all the way through to the shape of the equipment is carefully designed upon by professionals to deliver the best product to the Triathletes.

MultiSport Clothing

A popular choice for both athletes because the MultiSport clothing is specifically designed so that you can compete in these clothes for multiple parts of the race whether it’s running, swimming or cycling because of its ability to not effect performance despite competing in three different areas of Triathlon.

You can get different suits/clothes for specific parts of the race but it is much more convenient to the Triathlete if they can remain in one costume and the MultiSport clothing is designed to do exactly that. 2XU, De Soto Sport, Louis Garneau, Peal Izumi, TYR and Zoot Sports are all different manufacturers who look to provide Triathletes with MultiSport clothing and the prices vary from around $50-$200 depending on the quality.

Compression Clothing

Triathlon Running ShoesCompression fitted clothes has started to become more popular over the past decade due to the features they now offer athletes. You can get compression fitted clothes for almost every body part, whether it’s your top half, or your hamstrings/thighs or calves.

Compression clothing has also have said to help improve recovery after performance, increase circulation, increase muscle power output and reduce muscle oscillation. Because of the highly technical features that the compression clothing helps, prices can start at around £100 for the tops or bottoms.

The most trusted and committed brands currently manufacturing in the compression market are Zoot Sports, CEP, 2XU and 110% Play Harder.

Cycling Gear for Triathlons

Some athletes prefer to wear clothing which is specifically for cycling instead of the MultiSport clothing. Athletes spend the most time on the bike for the Triathlon event so it’s vital that they have clothing that makes them feel comfortable and benefits them in their performance on the bike.

The Triathlon season doesn’t just take place for athletes in the summer; events are often competed during the winter season which means cycling clothing must be provided for both the cold and hot racing days.

Louis Garneau is the most recognized brand in the cycling clothing industry as they provide a number of products in the market area. They provide a variety of different products as well as in their unique colours which you can choose to your preference.

Essential Running Gear for Triathletes

Running is another part of the Triathlon event along with cycling in which certain Triathletes prefer to have clothes which prioritise on boosting performance when running. Although MultiSport clothing will contain features that help aid the performance when running, they will also be concerned about the cycling/swimming elements needed as well whilst the running clothing will just be focused on improving the running.

It is also the last part of the race in the Triathlon event and is also where Triathletes will really start to sweat and become dehydrated in the latter parts of the race and when they will be working there hardest. The running clothes are designed to provide comfort for the runners and also provide ventilation so that athletes don’t get hot and bothered whilst running.

De Soto is a brand which sells clothing related to running and they offer athletes the De Soto Arm Coolers which are a very unique product that not many other brands familiarise with. Alternatively you can get Arm sleeves that keep your arms warm in the cold conditions but the De Soto Arm Coolers are primarily designed to keep your arms cool in the hot weather. The material is made from a special moisture-radiating texture that keeps your arms cooler. De Soto charge £33.95 for the Arm Coolers.

Not only is clothing essential for the running third of the race, but also the footwear you have on your feet as well is a big part of the running aspect for Triathletes. There are so many different trainers designed for different aspects of running so it’s imperative that Triathletes get the appropriate footwear they need. You can get running shoes for 100m sprinters for track, trainers to run on hard surfaces/terrain or for soft conditions so there are a lot of choices out there.

K-Swiss offer a lot of Triathletes running shoes and most of the K-Swiss trainers are focused on comfort. They retail mostly around the $100 area but the more features you get for your trainer then generally speaking the higher the price is going to be.

Triathlon/Cycling Shoes Explained

One of the most expensive pieces of equipment in Triathlon is the Triathlon/Cycling shoes. Bont Cycling are a brand that specialize in providing athletes with these type of shoes and some of their products are even made from the combination of fibreglass and carbon fibre to provide an extremely lightweight pair of shoes.

The shoes are designed to be an extremely tight but comfortable fit to your foot which helps keep the foot flexible.  Because they’re lightweight as well the power you can generate from your feet within the shoes is expected to be very high so you can put all of your power into it.

Other Triathlon Equipment You Might Need

Hat and Gloves for Cold Weather RacingThere are a lot of other areas that Triathletes need to consider as well when thinking about equipment, such as swimming where brands offer specific based swimwear to help their performance in the first part of the Triathlon event which is located in the water.

Hats and socks are also types of equipment that Triathletes can choose to buy if they wish. There are also casual wear clothes which athletes can wear pre/post race.

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