The Road to the Olympics

The Road to London 2012As the London 2012 Olympics draws ever closer to the world in the summer, the Triathlon events take place in just 95 days on the 4th August 2012. Hyde Park is the location for where the Triathlon event will occur and it will see 55 world class athletes from the men’s and women’s event, swim, bike and then run to complete the gruelling Triathlon course.

The beautiful thing about the venue for the Triathlon event is that around 90% of the route for the course is in ticket zones which are completely free for the public to watch and wouldn’t need to buy a ticket for. So Hyde Park is a great opportunity for people to watch one of the most exciting Olympic events this summer for free!


The women’s event is up first and there will be 55 athletes from across the world competing to get on the final podium which will earn their countries medal positions. The 4th August 2012 is a date very much sketched into many female Triathlete’s diaries and for some it is literally sketched in as some athletes are still trying in vain to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics.

Athletes have had from 1st June 2010 all the way through to the 31st May 2012 as the period to qualify for the Olympic Games in London this year. In that 2 year period, it is up to the athletes to qualify for their nations Olympic team according to the criteria demanded by their National Federations.

ITU Olympic Qualification Events

From 1st May 2011 up until the 30th April 2012, Triathletes had the chance to compete in different Continental Olympic Qualification Events to gain qualification points which would boost their chances of gaining a place on their respective Olympic team for the London 2012 Games. The top 8 ranked National Olympic Committee’s at the end of qualification will gain 3 qualification spots for the London 2012 Games whilst the other Olympic nations will gain 2 places.

Qualification Events Left

With the qualification period running out at the end of this month, time is running out for athletes to get vital qualification points on the board in a bid to make their respective Olympic teams. Wcup Huatulco 2012 is one of the three events left for athletes to claim more points for London 2012. The Huatulco events primary objective is more to give the emerging and developing Olympic National Federations a chance to get their athletes to London 2012. Countries such as Ecuador, Serbia, Cuba and Costa Rica are expected to represent athletes at the Huatulco event on the 6th May 2012 and set out to qualify for the Triathlon event for the first time in their nation’s Olympic history.

The US National Federation still have their national Triathlon event still to run later this month in the WTS San Diego 2012 event. The event will also play an integral role for a number of other Olympic teams who choose to compete at the San Diego event to determine their Olympic squads. The final qualifying event is the WTS Madrid 2012.

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