The Speedo Tri Super Elite Wetsuit is Here!

Booyah! The Speedo Tri Super Elite is finally here!

This is the top of the range product from the most well known brand in professional water sports equipment and consumer swimwear and if you are looking to compete at the highest level or you take your training and participation in competitions very seriously then you should look no further than this latest offering from Speedo.

This new suit is by no means cheap but if you want the best then you will have to pay for it. But despite its relatively high price tag it still offers great value for money thanks to all the features Speedo has managed to pack into this suit.

They have really focussed on making this the easiest suit to move around in and after wearing it you will be convinced that they have achieved their goals. Thanks to the use of the famous Yamamoto 40 rubber cell model you get an unbeatable combination of increased buoyancy, a softer more comfortable fit and a much higher level of flexibility, especially in the areas that matter such as the hips and the shoulders. This means your stroke in the water will not be compromised as you aim to put into practice what you have been working on in the pool while training and not wearing a full body suit.

Speedo have included special arm and leg panels to ensure it is now even easier to maintain the correct swim position while in the water. Thanks to these ingenious lift panels your legs are now stopped from sinking too far which can cause you to adopt an un-aerodynamics position in the water increasing drag and therefore slowing your down and forcing you to expend unnecessary amounts of energy.

The Tri Super Elite from Speedo comes in both men’s and women’s version and is available in a range of sizes from extra small to large for women and from extra small to XXL for men.

If you want the best and are prepared to pay for it then this world beater from Speedo should be at the top of your list.

To get the full spec of this wetsuit and the latest deals and pricing options click here now.

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