Totnes Triathlon Club

Totnes CastleTotnes is a small down in the South West of Devon with a population of around 7,444.  It location on the map is equidistant between Plymouth and Exeter, the two biggest towns in Devon and is about six miles from Torquay, the setting for the fictional hotel in Faulty Towers. Despite its relatively small population there are a number of people living there that take part in the sport we all love known as the triathlon. The levels of abilities of the Totnesians who take part in this sport ranges from the absolute beginner to the more serious athletes who take part in races on a regular occurrence. Triathletes from smaller neighbouring towns such as Dartington, Ivybridge and Harbertonford often meet up with the folk from Totnes for training sessions and social events which help bolster the numbers a bit during times of low interest in the sport. Due to the small size of the down, you won’t find a specialist triathlon shop in Totnes so shopping for triathlon wetsuits is not really an option although there are some well stocked bike shops on and around the high street.

Triathlon Training on Dartmoor

Due to the location of Totnes and its position fairly close to the great expanse that is Dartmoor a lot of the more serious athletes from this area train on the moor whether it be for the cycling or running stages. The large amounts of open spaces and often empty roads make Dartmoor a great spot for those wishing to get some fresh air and witness some impressive scenery whilst out training. There are also a number of other activities that can be undertaken on the moor such as rock climbing, caving and canoeing so it is a great destination for those looking for an action packed outdoor adventure holiday. Why not combine this year’s family holiday with some serious triathlon training?  A 100km bike ride is a great excuse to get away from the spouse and kids for a few hours. Just don’t stray off the paths after dark!
So if you live in the area and are interested in the sport and your level is somewhere between a one race wonder and a weekend warrior get in touch with the folk at the Tones Triathlon Club.
For more information about the town of Totnes visit the town’s page on Wikiepdia.

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