Triathlete Profile: Gwen Jorgensen

The triathlete Gwen JorgensenGwen Jorgensen is a female professional Triathlete and represents team United States. She was born on the 25 April 1986 making her only 26 years of age and is a bright prospect for Team USA in the world of Triathlon. At first she wasn’t interested in the Triathlon sport as when she was going through her years as a student, Triathlon wasn’t even an Olympic sport and many young athletes’ dreams are to participate at the Olympics so Triathlon was out of the question for Gwen Jorgensen.

Strong Background in Swimming

Whilst at college, Gwen Jorgensen was a keen swimmer and runner and often competed at state level. As swimming and running were 2 of the 3 events that took centre stage in the Triathlon, the physical pain and endurance was something that didn’t inspire Gwen Jorgensen to compete. She simply stated, “No, that doesn’t interest me.”

First Triathlon Competition

It wasn’t until she was 24 years old that she finally decided to turn to Triathlon and then her career went on to the fast track. The 26 year old will now take part in her first ever Olympics this August when the Olympic Games are held in London 2012 and Jorgensen’s love for Triathlon has gone from a low to an all time high.

Although she was a very strong runner and swimmer, she never could manage to progress onto the national reckoning but her strengths in the two different events was an opportunity that former Olympian Barb Lindquist was reluctant to let drift by.

Recruitment to the USA Team

USA Team member Gwen JorgensenBarb Lindquist runs an USA Triathlon’s college recruitment program but around the time that Gwen Jorgensen was spotted, not many young athletes were competing at a sufficient enough level to warrant progression into Lindquist’s program. Lindquest herself states that Gwen Jorgensen’s ability in two different sports was unique.

Gwen Jorgensen was sticking to her principles and swaying towards rejected Lindquist’s proposal but her concerns over Triathlon were more based on the ‘Ironman’ events which were much tougher courses than the Olympic Triathlons that are much shorter in legs.

Jorgensen was also less fond of the bike which is the middle part of the race but after being informed that the rules are slightly less strict in the cycling event that allows them to draft which makes it less strenuous on the Triathletes.

Preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games

Eventually Gwen Jorgensen was persuaded to pursue a career in Triathlon and she has had a couple of successful years since making her debut in March 2010. She finished 8th in her first competitive Triathlon event which encouraged her to participate in more events. Her performance at the 2011 WCS London event earned her one of the three spots on the US Olympic team for the 2012 London Olympic Games as she finished 2nd to Great Britain’s Helen Jenkins. It was a magnificent effort by Jorgensen who had only been racing for 17 months before the 2011 London event.

Now with qualification under her belt, she can now prepare and look forward to her first ever Olympics and say that Triathlon is the sport she so happily competes in!

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