Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes are what triathletes use and these bikes are designed specially to reduce wind resistance. When a triathlete rides a triathlon bike, he must be able to take advantage of the wind. To do this, a triathlon bicycle is designed to be aerodynamic – flat handlebars, frame tubes which are lighter, aerobars which are handlebars that are lighter and lower. Overall, a triathlon bike sits lower than a regular bike and this helps the triathlete use muscles that he does not need to use in running so it helps preserve his muscles. This is very important because a triathlon athlete very often has to ride his triathlon bicycle and then immediately go and run. So if his muscles that he uses for running are over exerted, he is going to find the going hard. A good triathlon bicycle designed for these special needs is so important in order for him to do his best in all his triathlon events.

Triathlon Bike History

Triathlon Bike

Triathlon bicycles were first designed over twenty years ago and though at first triathletes were a bit wary about them, they soon realized the advantages that a triathlon bike could offer them. A lot of the benefits arise from the aerobars used on a triathlon bicycle. They look like the horns of a bull and they are a great support to the triathlete’s arms and elbows and with many of the modern triathlon bicycles having the shifters or gears at the end of the aerobars, it means that the athletes can change gears without a change in their position .

Makes of Triathlon Bikes

Today, there are many large names that have started manufacturing triathlon bicycles. The latest ones use the most recent technology to ensure that their triathlon bike gives the rider a very aerodynamic ride. The triathlon bicycles from Specialized, Trek and Giant that have been newly introduced have special handlebar attachments that make them more wind-resistant. Trinity, Shiv and Speed Concept, brands that have been around a while have improved their triathlon bike and have taken it to a new level. They all have a low drag coefficient and the aerobars are attached to the bicycles with materials and designs that make them very aerodynamic. Giving you a great ride thanks to their improved fit and adjustability these triathlon bikes feature the latest designs and use of technology. When choosing a triathlon bike there are many options available to you. You need to ensure that you choose one that comes from a good and dependable manufacturer and is a bike that suits your requirements. Once you have done that you will be all set to get on your bike and win some races!

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