Triathlon Shorts

triathlon shorts

Like triathlon wetsuits, triathlon or tri shorts as they are often called are another essential piece of kit you should consider buying if you are training in any of the three main disciplines: swimming, running or cycling.

If you are entering a triathlon and will be taking part in all three stages listed above then you should definitely think about getting a pair of specially designed shorts. There are a few reasons why we think should get a pair and how they can help your performance on land, water and in the saddle.

Shorts for Swimming

As triathlon shorts are generally waterproof they will not be weighed down with water once you have finished the swimming stage of a race and have emerged from the water. Waterlogged shorts could be a disaster as they can slow you down thanks to the extra weight you are carrying. That is not all, running or cycling in a pair of water sodden shorts is not fun. The lack of comfort that will be apparent after a few miles or even metres can have a severe effect on ones performance in the race. Due to their levels of water resistance this should not be a problem you will face when wearing a pair of tri shorts. As well as this they also tend to be made from fibres that dry quickly and are well ventilated. This allows the shorts to dry off quickly preventing you from having to compete in wet shorts which as mentioned before can reduce your speed and could even lead to the wearer suffering from a cold when racing in in climates with a low temperature.

Triathlon Shorts for Muscle Support

Due to the nature of the fitting employed by this kind of short they can have a positive effect on your muscles. Increased muscle performance in a race such as a triathlon is a massive bonus. As high levels of stress are placed on the muscle groups in and around the legs a pair of shorts that can support and protect them is a great thing to have. Triathlon shorts have been designed to reduce the risk of cramp and other problems that might occur while running, swimming or cycling. The way that they closely hug the legs and buttocks reduces the amount of muscle lag and can even contribute to a faster recovery of the muscles that are being used.

The Durability of Tri Shorts

As triathlons can be long and gruelling events that take a lot out of the competitors bodies they also ask a lot from the equipment that is being used. As well as the trainers and triathlon bikes that are used this also includes the wetsuits and tri shorts that are worn. Regular sports shorts might be fine for playing football, rugby or playing tennis in but when you combine arduous events such as swimming, cycling and running over many, many miles high levels or durability are called for. It is with this in mind that tri shorts have been designed and it is this that makes them stand out from the regular sports shorts that you will see on sale. Tri shorts have extra levels of flexibly to make them suitable for the three main disciplines of a triathlon and make use of innovative designs and materials to make sure they do not rip or wear away easily. Even if you not entering a triathlon but want a pair of hard wearing shorts it would be worth considering a pair of triathlon shorts.

Shopping for Tri Shorts

Once you have decided that a pair of this type of shorts is for you it is important that you chose a pair that is the right size. There is nothing worse than starting a 50 mile race and then realising your equipment is not the right size. Buying online shouldn’t be a problem providing you can correctly measure yourself at home and choose the corresponding size online. Men’s triathlon shorts are larger than those worn by women and provide more support to the groin. In turn women’s’ triathlon shorts are smaller than those designed for men and give higher levels of support to the wearers waist.

So with all that in mind you can see why these shorts are essential for those entering a triathlon. Even those who are only taking part in one of the main three events and not a triathlon should consider them as they are well designed, durable and could prevent an injury as well as increasing your performance.

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