Wetsuit Clearance Sales

Triathlon Wetsuit Clearance

Triathlon Wetsuit Clearance

As triathlon events are seasonal, new triathlon wetsuits tend to get released just before or at the start of the new triathlon season. Because of this triathlon suits from the previous season are often discounted before being decommissioned. If you are shopping for a wetsuit on a budget and don’t mind having something from a previous season, and to be honest, why would you, then a clearance triathlon wetsuit is the perfect choice.

Cheap Triathlon Wetsuits For Sale

It is true that new suits sometimes benefit from the use of new designs and technology but buying a triathlon wetsuit that was realised one or two years ago isn’t really going to disadvantage you when competing against someone wearing the latest and greatest triathlon wetsuit.

Wetsuit Clearance Sales

Examples of Triathlon Wetsuits

These clearance triathlon suits are not second hand, just not the latest model from the company. Many brands like Speedo, 2XU, Orca release new models quite regularly so it is natural that retailers discount older versions of the newly released wetsuits to clear their stockrooms and make way for the new stock. This practice creates the perfect opportunity for those looking to save a few pounds or get more for their money than they would if they bought a newly released new suit.

Last Season’s Tri Suits

As most triathlon wetsuits tend to look pretty similar from year to year no one will even know you are wearing a suit from last season, not that they would care even if they did notice. A lot of triathletes keep their suit for many seasons anyway preferring to hang on to one that they like and that fits well rather than forking out for a new suit when their current one performs perfectly from them.

So even if you are wearing a last season suit and have gotten yourself a great triathlon wetsuit clearance deal most of your fellow racers will be wearing suits from last year (even though they probably paid full price for them when they were first released). Many brands including Speedo, Orca, 2XU and Blueseventy often have triathlon wetsuit clearance sales.

If you pick your time right you will find a good selection of triathlon wetsuit clearance deals but even if you don’t you should be able to find some online throughout the year. It just tends to be around the end or start of a season where you find the greatest number of clearance deals.

Where to Find Triathlon Wetsuit Clearance Deals

Some good places to look for triathlon wetsuit clearance deals are:

If you prefer a new release triathlon wetsuit then check out the ones on our home page.

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