Triathlon Wetsuit Sale

Triathlon Wetsuit Sale

It’s not every day that triathlon wetsuits go on sale but when they do it is a great opportunity to get a new suit for a fraction of the price.

Due to the seasonal nature of the sport the gap in between triathlon seasons can be a great time to pick up a bargain. Although that is the best time to get a good discount many online retailers have sales at different points throughout the year where many items, not just triathlon wetsuits are reduced in price. It is always a good idea to shop around and see if you can find out when a particular retailer has their sale.

When are the Triathlon Wetsuit Sales?

The reasons for these triathlon wetsuit sales can differ at different points in the year. Often they do happen after the start of a new season when new suits are released and retailers need to make room for new stock and sell models before they are replaced by an upgraded version.

When a new version of an existing suit is realised it gets increasingly difficult for retailers to sell the old version so they try as hard as they can to sell them all before the new wetsuits arrive. At this time you will be able to pick up a great deal, saving money and getting a suit you might not have been able to afford only a few months earlier when it was no in the triathlon wetsuit sale.

Like nearly all retailers triathlon shops also tend to have sales around holidays and Christmas and New Year are no exception. During and after the holiday period you can often find sales at the online stores that specialise in triathlon equipment and this is another great chance to pick up a discounted triathlon wetsuit and any other equipment you might need such as travel towels or triathlon bikes.

Which brands have Triathlon Wetsuit Sales?

Nearly all brands have their wetsuits reduced at least once a year. This is mainly driven by the retailers to make room for new stock but can also be instigated by the brands themselves. This is sometimes done to increase the profile of a brand as extra promotional material will be produced including the logo and triathlon wetsuits available from that brand.

This can work as a good exercise in marketing and increasing the visibility of a brand. It is not often that you see Speedo triathlon wetsuits are reduced in price but as they can be more expensive than some other brands when this does happen it is a great opportunity to get a wetsuit you might not have been able to purchase when it was available at full price.

Speedo are not the only ones and other triathlon brands that have wetsuit sales include Orca, Sailfish, Blueseventy and 2XU triathlon wetsuits to name just a few.

So as you can, despite triathlon wetsuits being quite expensive it is possible to pick one up for less than the recommended retail price.

Here are some retailers who have triathlon wetsuits sales from time to time. Check out their sites and see if there is anything that has been discounted:

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