Zone 3 Aspire Triathlon Wetsuit

Triathlon wetsuits are a great improvement over the old wetsuits and they give the athlete a greater advantage over swimming without one. These wetsuits help to considerably reduce friction underwater and ensure you move much faster. The Zone 3 Men’s Aspire Wetsuit 2010 is a very comfortable wetsuit and it feels absolutely natural when worn. The thickness of the neoprene fabric that is used is balanced perfectly all over the body so you get a perfect combination of support for the muscles as well as buoyancy. The flexibility of the neoprene used in the shoulders and the arms means that you have a much greater degree of free movement and flexibility. The fabric has an SCS coating to ensure there is absolutely minimal drag in the water.

Triathlon wetsuits need to be built for speed and this one has spring loaded shoulders that conserve your energy while allowing you faster strokes. The Pro Speed™ leg and arm cuffs make sure the wetsuit rolls off the body as quickly and as smoothly as possible. There are athletes who feel that this is the fastest transition suit and the new design makes it even better that before. The panel design is better and the cuffs and zips have been improved for speed.

This triathlon wetsuit comes at a great price which also makes it a good entry-level suit for those who wish to upgrade to wetsuits.

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