Zone 3 Vision Triathlon Wetsuit

If you are looking for a great value triathlon wetsuit from a top brand then the Zone 3 Vision wetsuit might be just what you are looking for. Zone 3 has been around since 2009 after being launched by a number of top athletes from Loughborough University. The brand quickly established themselves as a top name in the world of triathlon equipment and their suits were worn by a number of top competitors from the outset.

A Top Class Wetsuit at a Budget Price

What is most exciting about this suit is that it is the first wetsuit from Zone 3 which retails for less than £200. Now that they have been around for a few years it appears the British firm have been able to recoup some of their expenditure on research and development and pass on some of the cost savings to the consumer by releasing a lower priced item that is still packed with some top notch features and details.

Zone 3 Vision Features

For a sub £200 wetsuit this item doesn’t really lack any of the main features that are essential on a good wetsuit. It has a full body coating of Speed-Flo which we challenge you to find on any other triathlon wetsuit in this price range. Thanks to this coating you will move through the water with a minimal amount of drag. Like the much higher priced Zone 3 Vanquish the Vision has Pro Speed Cuffs to ensure you make one of the quickest transition times out there. Although it does not feature an upwards motion zipper like some of the more expensive models it is still a relatively easy zip to access and operate so while this is a bit of a downside it doesn’t really harm our overall opinion of the suit.


So to summarise this is a sub £200 wetsuit from top British triathlon brand Zone 3 which is packed full of features which have been passed down from their much more expensive models. The only let down is the downwards motion zipper but at this price you’d be mad to let that stop you from taking a closer look!

To view the full specification of the Zone 3 Vision click here now.

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