Zoot Z Force 4.0 Wetzoot

If you are looking for a new triathlon wetsuit then you have come to the right place! This wetzoot from extreme triathlon brand Zoot is one of the few top tier wetsuits available on the market the present time. For sure these top tier suits cost a lot more than the entry and mid range products but you get a whole lot of suit for your money! You may be wondering what makes the Zoot Z Force 4.0 Wetzoot stand out from the other premium wetsuits out there from rival brands like Speedo, Orca and TYR. Well to answer that questions it is best that we take a closer look at some of the main specifications of this product and find out exactly what they mean.

  • Use of an SCS Nano hydrodynamic finish. This might not mean much to you but when you are wearing this suit you will notice its effect. This finish will reduce the friction of the suit as it moves through the water by up to 97%. That is pretty impressive and by having this feature at you disposal you are sure to shave a few seconds off your times.
  • Yamamoto C39 Construction. With this onboard you will find yourself the proud owner of a wetsuit that is lightweight, buoyant and flexible. These are the three most desirable features to have on a product like this and with a strong showing in all three this one won’t disappoint. Some suits sacrifice one or two of these three pillars but here they are all present and correct allow you to move around as much as possible with no restriction of movement. Being able to do this will allow you to employ a more natural stroke which can only help your performance in the water.
  • Anti-Chafing Colar. While performance usually comes at the expense of comfort it does not have to be overlooked entirely and the Zoot Z Force 4.0 Wetzoot has taken this on board. If you’ve ever experience chafing during a race you will know what a pain it can be and how it can distract even the most focused of triathletes. If you’ve not yet experienced a good chafing then count yourself lucky! To continue that lucky streak look for a wetsuit that has been design to prevent chafing around the opening such as the neck as it can really help you out on race day.
  • Polyester Interior Lining. If you equate wearing a wetsuit with practicality rather than comfort then think again because this Zoot triathlon wetsuit is lined with super stretchy polyester that eliminates that rough feeling regular wetsuits give off when for extended periods. Not only is this lining comfortable but it is also non-absorbent of water so it won’t slow you down by increasing your weight.
  • Flexible Zipper Area. The zipper area of most wetsuits can be a source of irritation due to their inability to flex and stretch. Although they are designed this way to ensure that they stay zipped up and are able to be undone in a few seconds Zoot have found a way around this and have named it ‘DORSALflex’. This means the zipper will flex with the body and will not cause any undue suffering of the wearer.

As you can see this wetsuit is packed with features that will make it stand out from the crowd and your performance set the pace for the rest to follow. If comfort and high quality are your watch words then this item should be at the top of your shopping list.

Men’s and Women’s Wetzoots

Both men and women will be pleased to hear that this suit is available for both genders and each version has been specially designed from the ground up to ensure a perfect fit each and every time. If you are looking for a top class triathlon wetsuit from a reputable brand then look no further than the Zoot Z Force 4.0 Wetzoot. It really is a great product that is destined to become a best seller over the coming year.

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